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  1. Article: KH 358 "DKΣ3713" trailer.

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KH 358 "DKΣ3713" trailer.

Recently, Square have released their "DKΣ3713" trailer for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on their website.

Andrefpvs from GameTrailers has done a great job at translating the video and giving it English subtitles.

Thanks for visiting KH13.com, and remember to credit us if you link to either of these locations.

Thanks DChiuch
I'm going to have to close this due to continued spamming.
Lol, our first article. So terrible... opened again.
What are you complaining about. I found that remember. Don't steal my credit lol. Then insider linked to us..happiest day of my life.
was this your first article? interesting...
Yes it was
Your fist post... VERY interesting lol
Aww. It's like KH13 when it was a baby.
Cool! History, right here. ;)
DChiuch's first post, how cute :3

Lol, our first article. So terrible... opened again.

Damn... First post in here... DChiuch, you're getting old.
Wow, this has got to be a record.
Kh13 is going to need a history book for itself. :)
lol everyone's basking in the awe of the beginnings of KH13

Kh13 is going to need a history book for itself. :)




wow a quote from november lol

I don't know why I keep coming here...

Clearly the greatest news to ever be reported right here