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Scamper, Jul 01 2013 11:24 AM

I think chapter 5 in the Kingdom Hearts Manga is out of order.

KHMangaReader, Apr 14 2013 08:55 PM

Yeeessssssssss! KH manga returns!!!!!!!! http://www.khinsider...ARTS-Manga-3262

Youthful Z, Jan 22 2013 02:42 AM

is there a way to get these as ebooks

Sora96, Dec 12 2012 12:07 AM

We make a news post when a chapter is released. And when this is done it's posted on our Social Media pages and then our newsletter.

GroaningFire, Oct 29 2012 08:46 AM

Is it possible to get email updates on these?

I IS AXEL8, Oct 09 2012 04:13 PM

its just your phone cuz on my computer its perfectly in order

Sora96, Oct 08 2012 05:53 AM

Sorry about that. Looks like I've fixed it all. If something is out of order please let me know and I'll fix it.

Scamper, Sep 18 2012 10:23 AM

Is it just my phone or are all of them in an incorrect order?

roxasfan04, Jun 17 2012 02:15 PM

no, but i hope its soon. i wanna read more

animelover13+14, Jun 06 2012 09:59 AM

does any one know when the manga will bee updated as in a date