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  1. Trading Card Game



A Starter Deck of the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game

The Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game is a collectible card game released by Tomy and translated into English by Fantasy Flight Games. It was released in Japan before the English version was released in the United States in 2007. There are currently seven card sets in Japan and four in the United States. The card sets released in North America thus far are:

  • Base Set - The first set of cards in the Japanese counterpart
  • A Darkness Awakened - The second and third sets from the Japanese counterpart
  • Light & Darkness - A combination of the fourth Japanese set and promotional cards released by Tomy in packs of pocky
  • Break of Dawn - The fourth set released by Fantasy Flight Games, consisting of reprints from earlier sets to fit in with the new layout for the cards as well as cards from the currently unreleased Japanese sets

Much to the chagrin of its fanbase, Fantasy Flight Games announced that they were discontinuing their published TCGs, meaning that any future English sets will have to be published by another company if it is ever picked up again.

Deck and Player types

A deck consists of a minimum of forty-one cards, including the Player card and has a maximum limit of sixty cards including the Player card. The Player card chosen can change the deck type drastically, and there are three different types of Players to choose from:

Player/Light: These cards have the most cards available to them and are easiest to build decks for.

Player/Dark: These cards may not play Friend, Magic/Friend or Attack cards and instead play Dark/Heartless cards in place of Friend cards. These decks have a much more limited amount of cards available to them, but have the advantage of having a much wider range of Dark/Heartless cards than Friend cards to play since Dark/Heartless ignore the "Unique Card" rule.

Player/XIII: These cards function exactly as Dark/Player cards, but play Nobody cards as Friends instead of Dark/Heartless. The Player/XIII cards also have access to Equipment cards which give them devastating effects such as the ability to Challenge their opponent twice in one turn. Player/XIII cards may also use other Player/XIII cards in their deck as Friend cards. Nobody cards ignore the "Unique Card" rule, but Player/XIII cards used as Friends do not.


The game is a two player game (according to rules, more might be optional) and each player has a deck consisting of between forty-one and sixty cards, with one card from their respective decks as a Player card. To win the game you need to bring your opponent's Heart Points (HP) to 0 or attain a combined world level of 13 or higher. Each player's turn has four phases.

Draw Phase: During the draw phase, a player draws cards from his/her own deck until they have six cards in their hand. If the player's deck has no cards, the discard pile is then shuffled and becomes the player's deck.

Action Phase: During this phase, a player can play a World card, Friend cards, Magic cards, Magic/Friend cards and/or Dark cards. The player can also choose to battle any Dark cards on his/her World card. With the latest rule-set provided by Fantasy Flight Games, a player may now also initiate a Form Change in their Action phase.
Sora LaD-1

A Sora LVL2 Player card

Challenge Phase: During this optional phase, a player may challenge his/her opponent. The loser of the challenge loses HP depending on which cards were played during the challenge.

Discard Phase: During this phase, a player may discard any unwanted cards from his or her hand and must discard any cards from the field that participated in a Battle or Challenge that turn. Magic/Friends are also discarded at this time.

Card Types

Player: This card stays in play for the duration of the game. Each player card has a level, starting Heart Points, an attack value and a magic value. At the beginning of the game the player with the lowest-level player card goes first. There is no maximum number of Heart Points a player can have, as the printed number of Heart Points is merely the starting value.

Friend: Friend cards have a level, support value and a magic value. Friends stay on the field until they are used in battle against dark cards or after participating in a challenge. Friends can only be played during the action phase. The level of a friend card determines whether or not it can be played. You cannot play a friend card whose level is more than one above the highest level of any friend or magic/friend on your side of the field. For example, a level three friend cannot be played unless you control a friend of at least level two.

The "Unique Card" rule states that a player cannot have two friends with the same name in play at one time. If a player wishes to play a friend card from his/her hand and a card with the same name is already in play on his/her side of the field, the card on the field is sent to the discard pile and then the card from the hand is played.

Magic: Magic cards have a wide variety of effects. To play a magic card, the player's Player c


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Zola, Nov 24 2013 03:33 AM

I believe this to be the most exciting corner of the entire site.

Enyawed Ekusaid Amoken, Jan 07 2013 08:59 AM

how much?

Cheshire_Vampire, Nov 15 2012 05:01 PM

oh my... im haveing kh orasys...... i need these to expand my collection of about 48 kh things....

Sawl the Aurahog, Oct 03 2012 09:18 PM

I sell these cards myself.

vensecret, Sep 10 2012 06:22 AM


Spike8898, Aug 26 2012 09:45 PM

Stores don't sell them anymore (I'm sure they did when they were released, but I never saw them). I bought all of mine from ebay. You can get a booster box of the base set for $15, and like 20 packs of A Darkness Awakened for around 30. You can get a booster box of a Darkness Awakened for 30 from allspecialsales.com You could also buy just a starter deck, that comes with instructions on how to play the game.

vensecret, Jul 22 2012 12:55 AM

i wanna play the KH TCG....where can i find them? i know its not in my local wal-mart/target; i've looked...so where can i find them, and at what price???

Roxas_Wagner, Jul 05 2012 04:00 PM

Looks amazing!I never seen this before!
I definitely need them!

MrKingdomHearts202, Jul 05 2012 03:03 PM

im getting it

Danielle Franklin, Jun 28 2012 03:57 PM

I have that. I was so shocked when my sister gave me this for Christmas. I didn't know they had a TCG.