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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories logo
キングダムハーツ チェインオブメモリーズ
Kingudamu Hātsu Chein obu Memorīzu
Developer(s) Jupiter
Publisher(s) Flag of Japan Flag of the United States Square Enix

European flag.svg/Flag of Australia Nintendo

Release date(s) Flag of Japan November 11, 2004

Flag of the United States/Flag of Canada December 7, 2004
Flag of Australia January 13, 2005
European flag.svg May 6, 2005

Genre Action RPG
Game modes Single player, two-player (Link Mode)
Ratings ESRB:Ratingsymbol eEveryone
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
"Adventure is in the cards."

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a Game Boy Advance sequel to Kingdom Hearts. It was published by Square Enix and developed by Jupiter, and was released in 2004. It was the second game released in the series and the third game in the timeline after Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts, and takes place during Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and before Kingdom Hearts II.


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