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  1. Article: Utada Teruzane said "be positive! "We won't break your heart." regarding Utada Hikaru possibly doing Kingdom Hearts III's opening song

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Utada Teruzane said "be positive! "We won't break your heart." regarding Utada Hikaru possibly doing Kingdom Hearts III's opening song

In 2013, Utada Hikaru's father and manager, Utada Teruzane, stated on Twitter that Utada Hikaru's involvement with Kingdom Hearts III was undecided at the time. On December 22, 2016, a curious fan followed up on this message, receiving a reply from Teruzane that they'll do the opening song for Kingdom Hearts III and that they've already started. Later, Teruzane retracted that statement, correcting himself by saying that they're eager to do the opening song for Kingdom Hearts III, but their decision is not yet official.

Now, on December 6, 2017, Teruzane was asked once more on Twitter if Hikaru would do Kingdom Hearts III's opening song, and he replied saying that he can't say anything yet, but to be positive and that they won't break your heart. View the full tweet below:

Posted Image

It was also just recently revealed that Utada Hikaru will release a new album and is planning for a live tour across Japan in 2018. Also, all of her songs from "Automatic" to "Fantôme" will be releasing on Apple Music, Spotify, and other subscription services. You can read more about these new announcements in the article here.

Ooh, thanks for delivering us this juicy info, Elfdemon! :D


Ah, well, if Utada's father says for us to remain positive, then that means that more than likely, Utada Hikaru will work on the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III! The hype is real! :D

It just wouldn't be the same without Utada singing that theme song for the opening, I mean, almost every single game has her, so 3 must have it or it wouldn't feel right at all. So these are splendid news

I think she might return at the event when the release will be announced.

I have seen somewhere that the event can happen on 2 May 2018.

I'll stay positive. 

Oh god not her... I'm joking!

Going to wait for Teruzane to backtrack once again in a week or so. lol