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  1. Article: Utada Hikaru's 7th Japanese studio album "Hatsukoi" hits stores as Kingdom Hearts III theme song "Chikai" plays in full at Shinjuku Station

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    Rumour has it a Sora smash reveal is coming...maybe during tonight's stream?

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    Just read the article about the SkyTree Tower event in Tokyo. I am blown away with all of the PR for Kingdom Hearts 3. I have never seen such a PR push for a title probably since FFXV.

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    REALLY? They spoiled the Aqua fight COME ON!

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Utada Hikaru's 7th Japanese studio album "Hatsukoi" hits stores as Kingdom Hearts III theme song "Chikai" plays in full at Shinjuku Station

Fans have started to get their hands on Utada Hikaru's newest studio album "Hatsukoi" in stores in Japan, one day prior to its official release! It is still on pre-order on iTunes (Japan) however, for release on June 27.

The fourth track of this album is "Chikai" ("Oath"), the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III. (Note that this cannot be purchased on iTunes independently; it comes with the full album.)

Find more information about the album and where to purchase it from here.

While the song is not yet on a streaming service outside of Japan, we have found a video on Youtube from user @yuuna_kisaragi who has recorded the full version of Chikai as played at the Kingdom Hearts III promotional campaign at Shinjuku Station. You can watch it below.

UPDATE [Jun 26, 2018]: User Viet Tran has uploaded the full version of Chikai on YouTube, and has pinned it's lyrics in romaji and English. You can listen to it below.

UPDATE [Jun 26, 2018]: Utada Hikaru talks about Kingdom Hearts in this interview. Thanks to @Mio-chan for the translations.

The 4th song is « Oath », Kingdom Hearts III’s theme song, right.

I received an offer from around the time I had not release the album
« Fantôme » yet.
Immediately after Fantôme was completed, « I have finished many things. It’s an enclosure. There’s nothing! » I thought to myself but, when I started working on Chikai, « Uh, if I keep up the momentum, maybe more will come up? (laughs). And through this momentum, I created and crank out « Ozora de dakishimete », « Forevermore » and « Anata ». I did it in a tremendous and ambitious way, I think I surprised a little bit myself.

UPDATE [Jun. 27, 2018]: Hikaru Utada’s new album is out now! It features the Japanese version of the Kingdom Hearts III theme song "Chikai" (named "Don’t Think Twice" in English). You can buy the album on iTunes here!

UPDATE [Jun. 27, 2018]: New tweets on @UTADABLOG about Chris Dave, which gave some insights on the production of Chikai/Don't Think Twice and the help he gave Utada to make the song succeed:

Famed drummer Chris Dave and “Chikai”: Upon the theme song trailer release for KH3, Utada heard reaction saying “I don’t understand the rhythm” and “what kind of beat is this?”

Made Utada realize that something which seemed like a very simple + normal groove line for her wasn’t necessarily heard that way by Others

Feels like if Chris Dave hadn’t been involved, the song would not have have succeeded since the beat was so tricky and nuanced

Tell us what you think of the song so far while we wait for Don't Think Twice!

PRAISE THE BELOVED KINGDOM HEARTS! For real though it's really smart to put those Explained videos there so people get a better understanding on what's going on.

I love this song! Can't wait for the full English version.

I couldn't wait, so I listened to it! Now I can't wait to hear it in English! :D

After hearing the full song I definitely have a better appreciation for it.... but it's probably still my least favorite of the three.

Now if KH3 is the emotional ride Nomura is saying it is, I can definitely see this song hitting me in the feels, but as it stands, it's kind of 'meh'. Simple and Clean is great, and Sanctuary stands up well on its own as well, but I just can't see myself listening to this on loop if you know what I mean.

It's very powerful! I'm curious to the orchestra version.

It's great! While I do like the past versions better I do think that this tone and rhythm matches perfectly with KH3 environment and resolution theme, which scares me in other words... I might break up crying after the game with this playing along...

Hopefully the english version will be on sale on itunes or something  this time

Will the English version also release today?