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  1. Article: Utada Hikaru will release a new album and is planning for a live tour across Japan in 2018

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Utada Hikaru will release a new album and is planning for a live tour across Japan in 2018

It has been revealed on Utada Hikaru's official website today that she will create a new album and that it's planned to release in 2018. It will be her 7th album and her first album since joining Sony Music Entertainment. Also, in 2018, she will also be doing a live tour across Japan for the first time since Utada United 2006.

It was revealed as well that from December 8, 2017, all of Hikaru's songs from "Automatic" to her most recent album that was released in 2016, "Fantôme," will be releasing on various major music subscription service platforms, which includes Apple Music. They will also be available on Spotify starting from January 8, 2017.

You can view the full press release statement below:

From “Automatic” to album “Fantôme“: now available in subscription distribution service!
(*Spotify to be starting from January 8, 2018) And a new album and a live tour in 2018!

From December 8th (Fri), Utada Hikaru’s songs from her 1998 debut single to her 6th album ‘Fantôme’ released in 2016, will be available in music subscription service in various major platforms including Apple Music. Right now, she is devoting herself to create her 7th album, which will be her first after joining Sony Music Entertainment, planned for release in 2018. Plus, she is planning for a live tour across Japan, which she hadn’t done since ‘UTADA UNITED’ 12 years ago in 2006. Please look forward to them as details will be updated in the official website!
Utada Hikaru Official Website: www.utadahikaru.jp/

Earlier this year, Hikaru released a new single titled "Oozora de Dakishimete" on July 10, 2017, and a new single titled "Forevermore" on July 28, 2017. You can read more about those singles in the article here.

Hikaru is also releasing a new single titled "Anata," which will be the theme song of the movie DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari, which is releasing on December 9, 2017.

Oh wow, this is awesome! Thanks for letting us know about this, Elfdemon! :D


Wow, so this would be Utada's 7th album, huh? That's good for her, I'm glad she's continuing to progress in her musical career! She definitely deserves it! And a tour and everything, that's just awesome!


Also, anyone else getting the distinct feeling that the album coming out for next year just so happens to be the same year Kingdom Hearts III releases...? I'm calling it, one of the songs from her new album will be the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III! :D

Maybe the song that will be used in KH3 will be allready be part of the new album 

Glad she's still being active. I hope to hear one of her new songs as the new kh3 opening. :)

Great i have to wait until January 8th to listen to Hikki music on Spotify, UGH THANKS TAYLOR SWIFT.