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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] update arriving to global Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi]

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] update arriving to global Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi]

After launching in the Japanese version of the game last month, the anticipated Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] update to the global version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi] is set to go live after today's eight-hour maintenance--just in time for the game's first anniversary!

The app can currently be updated via the Google Play Store or on the iTunes App Store, but note that maintenance is not scheduled to end until 4 AM PT on April 5th. In the meantime, some things to look forward to as mentioned in the update notes listed on both app store pages include:
  • added the "Union Cross" multiplayer feature--team up with up to six of your Party members or six other players in your Union to clear these special quests!
  • added the Medal Traits feature--fusing two duplicate medals of the same rarity will unlock a passive ability, such as Ground Enemy Defense -20%
  • Increased Buff/Debuff limit to 7 tiers
  • edited the App icon
  • changed the title, title screen, and opening movie
  • added the Theater Mode feature to
  • improved UI
  • various issue fixes
UPDATE: The game's update notes have been released. Details can be viewed below.

■Image Updates
・Design of the app icon has been updated.
・The opening cutscene has been updated.
・The title screen has been updated.
・The BGM for the title, home, and UI screens have been updated.
■New Content and Features
・Multiplayer mode "Union Cross" has been added.
・Theater Mode has been added.
・Medal Traits have been added.
・New facial expressions and skin colors have been added.
・Tutorial Quests have been added.
・The Beginner's Deal is now a permanent feature.
■System and Parameter Updates
・Strength buffs (including attribute-based strength) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
・Defense debuffs (including attribute-based defense) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
・You will now be able to reduce the cost of Medals up to 20 (previously 10) using ★6 Cid Medals.
・You will now be able to recruit players that belong to a party.
・Game data will now be downloaded after a player completes the tutorial (Quests 1 through 6).
・The ability to unlock Special Attack Bonus on a Medal will now be achieved upon completing the Quest 34 (previously 200). 
※ If you had completed Quest 34 before the update, the Special Attack Bonus feature will be unlocked once the application has been updated.
■UI Updates
・"Union Cross" has been added to the Quests page.
・The Special Attack Bonus tier will now be displayed as a number in addition to the previously used icon.
・The Medal filter feature has been expanded.
・The Medal will now display the Special Attack Bonus tier upon being pulled.
・Added shortcuts to the Keyblade selection screen.
■Battle Speed Adjustments
・You will now be able to act immediately after the text “PLAYER TURN” appears when engaging an enemy.
・Increased the speed of the jump attack animation when battling raid bosses.

Set to launch alongside the Union χ[Cross] update are event campaigns to celebrate the game's first anniversary, as well as the game's first premium draw guaranteeing a 3-dotted Premium within five draws.

Additionally, a new teaser for the Union χ[Cross] update can be viewed below.

The official @kh_ux_na Twitter account has shared some previews of upcoming content in the Union χ[Cross] update, which can be viewed below.

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Traits are really cool, the best one is probs Strength +1000.

It's reeeally nice to be able to -20 your medals with Cids, I was annoyed at the fact that I couldn't fit five 6* medals on a blade without buying the built in avatar boards. I've got a bunch of Cids saved up :)

Also strength buffs and defense debuffs. I'm assuming that change was because multiplayer is now a thing, so you don't want your buffs getting wasted if another player uses theirs. Wont have too much of an effect on me, but it's nice for new players who don't have a large selection of medals.

Also quick note: my friends and I did a couple pulls of the new iKairi2 deal, and each time we pulled an illustrated medal. This deal gives you sooo much value even if you don't get the new Kairi.

With this large update launching today, would now be the best time to join/play KH X?  I've been long considering downloading this, but just wasn't sure if I would be invested enough in playing it regularly.  If I don't get around to playing KH X, at least I can still watch Back Cover for most of the story, if I have that right.