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  1. Article: The Kingdom Hearts team has shared a special holiday message

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The Kingdom Hearts team has shared a special holiday message

Kaori Takasue, Product Manager at Square Enix Japan Studios, has shared a special "Happy Holidays" message from the Kingdom Hearts team on Sony's PlayStation blog. The message promotes Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX and highlights the team's good feelings about bringing everyone together for the game's launch trailer. This message can be read below.

Happy Holidays, PlayStation.Blog readers! The Kingdom Hearts team would like to wish you a very merry holiday to you and your loved ones. The launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on December 2nd has brought together countless people and the #feels have spread in good spirits.

The magical saga continues in three remastered journeys… and each individual’s journey with the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been quite unique. For those who have seen the Kingdom Hearts launch trailer, you saw fans across the globe expressing their love and passion to the creators of Kingdom Hearts. To shoot the trailer in North America, 293 people came out to voice their experience with the game. In EU it was a very special few dozen of fans from England, France, Germany and Spain, and in Japan I counted at least 50 smiling faces of the development team.

Posted Image

Working with the North America team, I’ve never had the chance to actually meet all the artists, programmers, character creators, storywriters, producers, and art-directors that have been working on Kingdom Hearts since its birth 14 years ago. Let alone, I’ve never really had full conversations with a group of savvy Kingdom Hearts fans at once! Thanks to our very sweet counterpart in Japan, we were successfully able to coordinate a surprise reaction video shoot with Japan. The US and EU team eagerly anticipated to see the faces behind the creativity and work that goes into our games.

Oh boy… it was extremely hard to cut the developer reaction from hours into literally one minute. Developer reactions stating that they felt “love from around the world” were no surprise and some of the comments they had about the “cool style” of our fans were super sweet. What we didn’t get to add into the trailer was that the Japan staff initially thought that all of the fans were actors! Everyone’s “labor of love” really made a piece that just cannot be scripted.

Thank you Kingdom Hearts fans for embracing your voice and experiences through life. We found through getting to know you that we all have overcome so many obstacles in life. The way you cheer each other on and support fellow Kingdom Hearts fans is such a special gift. In closing, as this very special game brought all of us together please remember… no matter where we go, we will always be connected.

Awwwwwwwww the feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much gamer entitlement in the Playstation Blog, but they do good work despite it. It was a nice article.

Happy Holidays to all of KH13 and to the Kingdom Hearts staff!

How sweet.~

Happy holidays everybody!

[color=#0000ff;]MERRY CHRISTMAS!!![/color]

How sweet, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Nice to see division 2 & 3 give Christmas messages.

The Feels!! Merry Christmas everyone!! X3 <3