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  1. Article: [UPDATED] The first series of Diamond Select Toys' Kingdom Hearts figures shown off at C2E2 2017

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      27 May

    Dang, mentioning that plot generator story on here boosted my views by a lot 0-0. It wasn't even what I normally post, just something that I wanted to show. Thank you to anyone who seen it ^-^

[UPDATED] The first series of Diamond Select Toys' Kingdom Hearts figures shown off at C2E2 2017

Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys revealed prototypes of their Kingdom Hearts figures at New York Toy Fair 2017.

Now, Diamond Select Toys have shown off improved versions of these figures at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2017. Last time they were shown, figures of Sora, Roxas, Axel, Mickey Mouse, Maleficent, Jafar, Iago, Abu, a Dusk Nobody, a Shadow Heartless, and a Creeper Plant Heartless were shown. This time, figures of Sora, Axel, Mickey Mouse, a Dusk Nobody, a Shadow Heartless, and a Soldier Heartless were shown. A Vinimate Sora can be seen in the back as well.

Diamond Select Toys C2E2 sorafigure C99Q8LKXcAAhVBR C99Q8LNXsAAtM17 C99Q8LYW0AU3P2k C CZra WAAE8U53 C CZsMiXkAEg4AM

In the image, you can see some of the articulation of the figures. Not all of the figures will have the same amount of articulation, due to the size of the figures and due to how easy it is to hide the articulation in the sculpt. Expect to see 8 - 12 in the character figures, and little or none in the Heartless figures.

UPDATE 1: More detailed photos have been added of the Sora, Axel, Mickey Mouse, and the Soldier Heartless figures by Diamond Select Toys, which were featured about booth #817 at C2E2. You can view these images above.

UPDATE 2: The official Diamond Select Toys Twitter account has released an image of their Vinimates display at C2E2 2017 at their booth #817. In this display, you can see the Sora Vinimate and get a better look at him than in the previous photo. Sora can be seen on the third shelf down and to the right. View the image of the display below:

Sora Vinimates C2E2

UPDATE 3: Thanks to @JayCochran on Twitter, we now have a new photo of the Sora figure and a new photo of the Mickey figure. View these images with the other images above.

UPDATE 4: New images of these figures and new information on these figures has been released. It's now known that these figures will be released in two packs which each contain three figures. The first pack will have Axel, Mickey Mouse, and a Shadow Heartless in it, while the other pack will have Sora, a Soldier Heartless, and a Dusk Nobody in it. The figures are between four and seven inches tall. They will be released Fall 2017, and both packs will be $25.00 USD. The figures are sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson, who's also done some work for one of the Star Wars lines at Sideshow Collectibles.

View the new images in the gallery below:

Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 2 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 1 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 4 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 5 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 3 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 6 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 7 Diamond Select Toys Gamespot 8

I guess they're okay. I know they're different, but these really pale in comparison to the Play Arts Kai Figures. The are probably cheaper too. Oh well, something for the peasants I guess.

Yet again another American figure company, yet no Japanese/any other figure company that can actually sculpt. 

hmmm, not going to lie these look pretty bad, the clothes are...okay, but the faces, dear god those faces.

Honestly, these toys kinda rank up there with awkward Sora at Disney World...

Ugh.... Disney, what WERE you thinking! lol

Yet again another American figure company, yet no Japanese/any other figure company that can actually sculpt.

Agreed... There are so many great companies which provide quality figures and they don't have to be 150$ per figure. (Though I wouldn't mind more dynamic figures at higher prices once in awhile.) But Square and Disney seem to be rather uptight about giving licenses to other companies. Instead, we get those weird figures... The Heartless and the Dusk look good but the rest is not my cup of tea.
I would really enjoy a line similar to Kotobukiya's ARTFX J for Pokemon, though any decent company is fine.

I have nothing against the PAKs but personally, I prefer static arts above PAKs, especially if they have less generic poses. And the faces are always a matter of luck.

There's a CHIBI Sora that I wanna see more in detail

This kind of remind me of those figurenes from the Orignal Kingdom Hearts booklet.


They look alright to me.

Play Kai Arts figures for poor people

The Heartless look pretty good, and the Disney characters aren't so bad, but my god the human figures are... horrific.

Me - Sora? SORA?


Sora - A l l   a r o u n d   m e   a r e   f a m i l i a r   f a c e s ...  



The last thing that a Heartless sees.

The only one that looks decent in my opinion is that Soldier Heartless.


The heartless figure is the only one I would even remotely have any interest in purchasing.



The last thing that a Heartless sees.



You guys have not seen butchered figurines until you've seen Sader.