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  1. Article: Tetsuya Nomura discusses Attraction Flow in Kingdom Hearts III; says it'll be a surprise depending on the area

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      26 May

    maybe it was a good thing that I waited all this time to watch the Marvel movies. I watched some of them out of order, but it shouldn't ruin the surprise with Infinity war and the upcoming Infinity war part two.

Tetsuya Nomura discusses Attraction Flow in Kingdom Hearts III; says it'll be a surprise depending on the area

During an interview with Atomix, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura discussed the Kingdom Hearts III mechanic known as "Attraction Flow." This mechanic has been seen in previous trailers for the game, where Sora can be seen summoning different Disney Park-inspired rides that he uses in battle. Attraction Flow hasn't been seen in recent trailers, so many fans have been wondering whether it's still in the game, but this interview with Nomura confirms that it's still a part of it. He says that the player can't choose which Attraction Flow to activate, and that it's a different surprise depending on which area you're in. So, when you see the signal for the ability is ready, it'll be a surprise of finding out what will happen. It's not something you can activate in any area you want.

Nomura mentions that Kingdom Hearts III will have many options when it comes to attacks, such as Keyblade transformations, magic, and head to head combat. He says that Attraction Flow is another ability in the array of different abilities you can use.

So, in a way, they don't want to force you to use just one kind of attack, but Nomura's sure that we'll enjoy the Attraction Flow system, which has glowy and surprising animations, or, in other words, a visually compelling presentation in which, without the use of many buttons, you'll be able to enjoy a visual spectacle on screen.

Thanks to neil98 for translating!

When the trailer dropped, a little bit of me started feeling like a kid again. Attraction Flow is going to make sure that kid stays inside of me, especially knowing it'll have different forms in different areas. : )

I'm glad it's still in! I was getting worried that it wasn't in it anymore or was changed to something else. It feels overwhelming to have so many options of attack, so I'm kinda glad attraction flow is situational. 

That's the problem with Attraction Flows imo. The fact that it is a visual specticle is worrying, rather than a solid game mechanic. And theyre really childish, and feel out of place.



There goes my chance of using the train on Master Xehanort.... 

I feel like they're specific to certain battles/locations only. Which is a great addition, instead of making it like another Situation Command.


Also, as Nomura stated: They're optional to use, you can trigger them manually. So it's not worrying at all.

Well I though they just won't spoil too much.

I think we have seen enough.

Thank you for this information, Elfdemon!


So, it seems that Attraction Flow will differ from world to world, eh? That's pretty reasonable! It just gives me all the more incentive to try out each one to see which one I like most! :D