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  1. Article: Star Wars and Marvel characters unlikely to appear in Kingdom Hearts III as they are not Disney originals

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Star Wars and Marvel characters unlikely to appear in Kingdom Hearts III as they are not Disney originals

The website Mobile01 has recently published an article containing remarks made by Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura during his visit at E3 2018.

Some of his main statements in the article include the following:
  • An explanation of why Kingdom Hearts III has been in production for a long time, where Nomura indicated that about a year after the game begun development, they received the company's internal decision of needing to switch the game's engine. This also allowed [T/N: in this context they probably meant "forced" or "made"] the initial/previously developed contents of the game to be dropped (but not all). Another major reason was the company's internal organization and personnel changes, which also contributed to the delay of the start of the game's development; but overall there is no delay of the game's development and production.
  • Fans that are new to the series can still play and understand the story of Kingdom Hearts III due to the inclusion of some key cutscenes to help better understand the premise of the story.
  • A recap/summary video of the story preceding Kingdom Hearts III in Japanese has been completed, and will be announced soon.
  • As for Frozen, since Elsa is a considerably well-known/famous character, Nomura will be incredibly cautious/attentive with her in the game. The game will largely follow the movie's original narrative and the world will be adapted to fit the game's features.
  • In the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean trailer, a plethora of newly-added movement mechanisms can be seen that the player can make use of. The Black Pearl's main function is to move around the world; however, it has only one application in the actual gameplay - its combat system. It does not really create a special transportation system for players to utilize otherwise. (T/N: As the text states that combat is the ship's only application, this may imply that the player doesn't use it to move around the world; it may be moving without the player's input.)
  • While not much can be revealed at the time, there will still be many new original worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. (This was also reported by GameInformer.)
  • In Kingdom Hearts III, many characters will be showing up, and Nomura wishes that the fans will look foward to it.
  • When asked about whether IPs such as Star Wars and The Avengers by Marvel could appear in Kingdom Hearts, Nomura said that although they both now belong to Disney, none of the characters are Disney original characters, so adding them in would be troublesome and thus unlikely.
Translations have been provided by KH13's KHUχ Team Leader faemarch. Special thanks to Protoplasm_png and chirithies for their in-depth translations!

Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Carribean trailer!

Follow our coverage of Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018 here, and our live updates on our Twitter!

Then I guess we’ll be seeing them in the NEXT saga. Which, frankly, I wouldn’t mind.

Then I guess we’ll be seeing them in the NEXT saga. Which, frankly, I wouldn’t mind.


Especially with how amazingly they pulled of Pirates in that trailer, I REALLY wouldn't mind!

Well i guess no Darth Vader or Thanos secret bosses in the Game or a Lightsaber Keyblade

Yes. Thank you! Even Nomura understands why most of us have been saying they dont belong in Kingdom Hearts!
If that's the case why in the heck was Star Wars going to be in Fragmented Keys?

If that's the case why in the heck was Star Wars going to be in Fragmented Keys?


I think that was just a spin off mobile game. And it was still in early development before it was cancelled.

Unlike KH 3, Fragmented Keys was both supposed to be a mobile game and they would have had an easier time making the graphics match each other. Back in KH 2 days, it was hard to make Sora, Donald, and Goofy blend into the Pirates of the Caribbean world because of the lack of technology. Even with the technology now and how impressive Pirates of the Caribbean looks in KH 3, they are probably still very new at making cartoon characters and realistic characters blend in with each other with the new engine. Not to mention, Fragmented Keys was only in it's concept stages before it was cancelled. From the looks of the concept art, it looks like there were a lot of characters from the Clone Wars in there which are cartoon characters. It could've been because the people they pitched it to didn't like it or it could have been lack of funds. As Nomura said, most of the Star Wars characters were not made by Disney. They were made by LucasArts. Disney does not have the original, complete information on what goes on in the Star Wars world because they did not create it. George Lucas does. So, Square Enix wouldn't be able to get much help with it unless it's the Force Awakens or some other Star Wars movie or show they came up with. The Force Awakens was released in 2015. All the worlds they chose for KH 3 were out before 2014.  Even with the new canon they've organized, the Star Wars universe is vast. I'm sure they wouldn't know when, how, or where they should start. With what they are capable of now, I'm sure they can add newer Star Wars films and shows into future KH titles. I may not to thrilled with the idea of Star Wars being in KH even though I love Star Wars, but it's an interesting idea none of the less. 

Another problem that I see with both Star Wars and Marvel is that they are both expanded universes already. They both have so many characters and storylines it would be hard to do.

Exactly. Even with all the "canonizing" Disney had to do with both series, they both still have their EUs. The intertwining of many characters and settings would be a lot for someone who would have to research the series, make sure it's written the way the creator intended it to be written with a few liberties, make sure they can fit into KH's lore, and make sure the graphics almost EXACTLY match up with its source material. It would be too messy to try and figure out how to insert Marvel and Star Wars into their games when they can't understand and match all of the decades of story-telling that they didn't create immediately. Compared to Marvel and Star Wars, the lore of Disney movies isn't that big. 

Best interview I read! I'm glad that Star Wars and Marvel won't likely be part of Kingdom Hearts 3! Just focus on new/old Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, Nomura said he wanted to add "one" live-action world in Kingdom Hearts 3, and that was Port Royal/The Caribbean. No need to anymore live-action characters. I love Star Wars and Marvel but I don't want them to be part of the Kingdom Hearts series.

They could still theoretically throw in their weapons


Mjolnir for Donald and Captain America's shield for Goofy?  :blink:



We're gettting KH3's opening early, eh? :D

i'd find it funny if in the toy story's world there's a store with marvel and star wars action figures :P

As much as I would love a Darth Vader secret boss and a lightsaber Keyblade, this is probably for the best. Besides, isn't Kingdom Hearts kinda like Star Wars anyway (gummi ships, Xehanort is a manipulative masterminded Sith Lord, light against the dark side, Mickey Mouse is Yoda, Luke Skywalker voiced Master Eraqus, etc.)? Heck, Big Hero 6 is kind of a marvel movie in a sense.

Um, is that only in regards to KH3 or the whole series? Because while I can understand not wanting to bother with making a whole world for either Marvel or Star Wars (Big Hero 6 not withstanding), you could at the very least make summons out of some of those characters in future titles, I don't think anyone would have a problem with that.

They could still theoretically throw in their weapons


Mjolnir for Donald and Captain America's shield for Goofy?  :blink:



or Stormbreaker.


Anyway sad there won't be any would've like to see Thanos as a secret boss, and gaining a keyblade based off the Infinity Gauntlet.

And now it is official: no Star Wars and/or Marvel. Now there is no need to speculate.

no star wars in kh3? thank goodness for that