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  1. Article: Square Enix reveals Aqua Play Arts Kai figure releasing July 2017

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Square Enix reveals Aqua Play Arts Kai figure releasing July 2017

Square Enix have recently announced that Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage Aqua will be joining the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai line. The figure will be on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany from February 1st to February 6th. The release date and pricing for the figure haven't been announced yet.

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Will you order a Aqua figure? Who do you want to see as a Play Arts Kai figure? Tell us in the comments below.

UPDATE 1: A clearer photo of the Play Arts Kai has been taken, now displaying a clear release date of July 2017 for the figurine (far left photograph).

UPDATE 2: The official North American Twitter account for Square Enix Merchandise has revealed a new image of the Aqua figure at the New York Toy Fair. You can view the image below:

Play Arts Kai Aqua Toy Fair

The figure will be released in July 2017. The price is yet to be known.


I see "Ju" as a release date. That soon? Whether or not a release date, one thing is for sure; instant preorder.

Now to patiently wait for Skuld.

Omg yes!!!!

do these figures exist in a bundle of some kind?

I feel like we are living in a golden age of Kingdom Hearts merch, and i can't afford any of it.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora the Organization XIII Roxas and now the 0.2 Aqua I am going to get them all they are so wonderful 0_0

I'm definitely buying.
Yeah... I'm in. Most of the PAK have weird faces, but this one works.

Took way too long for best girl my waifu Aqua to get a PAK. Looking forward to getting this!

So I guess, we'll get Ventus and Terra too. I'd rather have the Eraqus Keyblade bundled with the figurine. After all, it's supposed to be the "0.2" version of Aqua. 

Aqua is hands down my favourite female character from the Kingdom Hearts series.

I hope I have enough cash to add her alongside my Roxas and Kamen Rider figuarts >.<

Who gave the ok to release a figure of Aqua looking like that?