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  1. Article: [SPOILERS] The Five Union Leaders - Union χ JP

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    Hey, guys; what if, theoretically, there was a cuckoo clock Heartless in Galaxy Toys? It could peck at you with its head, or turn it into a boxing glove…you name it!

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    People get way too hung up on original VA's for KH3 imo. I mean if the VA is doing a good job who cares if it's the original or not? At least we should give them a fair chance.

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[SPOILERS] The Five Union Leaders - Union χ JP

As of August 24th at 15:00 JST, five new Main Story Quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, involving Strelitzia and introducing with a twist a face that fans of the Kingdom Hearts series may already be familiar with.

Untranslated footage can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.

Update: Translated footage is now available and can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.

Wait.... WHAAAAAT???

This is too much, and I'm currently playing re chain of memories!

Raalium?? 0.0


Maybe Lauriam

is that marluxia!?


for anyone who wants the translation of those story cutscenes





Raalium?? 0.0
Maybe Lauriam

I think is lariamu

We definitely need a new movie about Union X..
Holy s**t! Marluxia?? I mean... in his human form :D. Is Strelitzia... really.. dead? :(


Did Marluxia just KILL Strelitzia and steal her Union Leader position???!!! MARLUXIA?! STRELITZIA WAS KILLED?! OOOOOOOHH

holy crap.

What just happened?




Welp, it's settled. Nomura is bent on screwing up most everything I liked about Kingdom Hearts.

Welp, it's settled. Nomura is bent on screwing up most everything I liked about Kingdom Hearts.

that's been his MO since KH2 let's be honest


 never held a Keyblade before


This is KH after all. Maybe they just lost their memories lol

Welp, it's settled. Nomura is bent on screwing up most everything I liked about Kingdom Hearts.

He's certainly made it an art form, gotta give him that.




So, okay then, Human Marluxia...





Turns out Marluxia was the big bad behind everything and Xehanorts were a part of him. There is a 15% change this is going to happen its kingdom hearts after all.

I don't even know what's going on with X anymore.

Isn't it ironic how a girl has been replaced by a guy who was originally meant to be a girl? Lol.

I'm just Waiting on human/Somebody forms of Larxene, Demyx, and Luxord.

Daaaaang, this is a whole new level of crazy! Thanks for the update, Faemarch!


When I came upon this update early this morning, I was curious about the story update, and so I scrolled to the comments section and then later saw the video, and I was like: "OMG, MY BOY MARLUXIA IS FROM THE AGE OF FAIRY TALES!?" I had a big, goofy smile on my face!


You see, Marluxia is my favorite Organization member, and one of my favorite villains in the Kingdom Hearts series, so to see that he has something to do with the events of Union X is both an insane plot twist and an intriguing mystery! I can't wait to see how he fits into all this! :D

Nothing like coming home from a long ass day of school and shitting yourself

Huh Marluxia's somebody is the 5th . The thing I want to know is did he really kill the a union leader or was he already one of them ? I mean we didn't see who did the deed of killing Strelitzia so for all we know it could be Blaine. Nomura love to do these crazy plot twist so I can see him doing this.

You know, this really all just puts things into perspective into just how insane Union X will probably end. It looks as though this game may have one of the most talked about, controversial and darkest endings in the series as of yet!

Well it's official, Nomura is trying too hard to "reconnect kingdom hearts" lore back into itself. At this point, I'm not even sure if I care about the plot anymore especially if major/stupid developments are taking place on a game I can't stand to play.