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  1. Article: Series director, Tetsuya Nomura, releases new artwork to celebrate Kingdom Hearts' 15th anniversary

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    I still can't really warm up to KH3's theme song Oath/Chikai. The rhythm, the lyrics and the general atmosphere really bother me. Luckily, it's only one song, but I dislike all the trailers throwing it in at some point now.

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Series director, Tetsuya Nomura, releases new artwork to celebrate Kingdom Hearts' 15th anniversary

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, has released a new official artwork to celebrate the series' 15th anniversary. This can be seen below.

Posted Image

Interesting notes and observations:

kingdom hearts Hd 1 5 remix 6

Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Cover

Comparing with previous images with Sora sitting on a throne, for the first time he is sitting with a different attire than from his original Kingdom Hearts one (this time it’s his Kingdom Hearts III outfit). His right leg is crossed over his left, just like in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX one. The crown is also rather different than in the previous instances, reminiscing an actual king’s.

Now let's check the hidden details from the artwork. You can notice all the blurry effects added to the image and the intentional placement of the anniversary date and number to hide what looks to be 3 paintings and another element:

· In the first painting (upper left corner), you see a mysterious figure smiling mischievously. Does this look familiar to you?

upper left

· Next, in the upper right corner, we have the most difficult painting to decipher.

Upper right


· Then, in the third painting, we have this:

bottom right

It has the clearest element from all three paintings: a musical note. Maybe just a tiny Easter Egg for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - that we have been experiencing as a 15th Anniversary celebration?

· Finally, we can see Sora is holding an animal on his lap, one that resembles a canid. As an interesting note, next year is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar.


Feel free to leave your speculation and other observations about what all this could mean in the comment section below!

This is fantastic! :D

But the blurred out pictures behind Sora are making me paranoid and now I'm trying to figure out what they are lol

watch that crown be an unlockable in KH3

This would be cool if it was the cover to KH 3. 15 years really doesn't seem that long ago.



This is close enough of KH3 to me! Sora in his new KH3 outfit! :D

Super clean. Hope someone decides to add color. Such a iconic pose too!

I see a lot of censored content in the background of the pictures. I wonder what Nomura's hiding...

I love his facial expression! He looks both both confident and almost cheeky.


His left arm looks strange though, makes it look like as though his left glove is way larger than the right.


Huh? Wow! Hey, that is me!

As usual, Sora looks as boss as ever

Nomura you better have illustrated pictures for the hud picture by the hp gauge in kh3 because your art is amazing

citizens of the Heart Kingdom! His Majesty has arrived! Bow to your mighty and Righteous king!


Wondering why some parts are Blurry.

Gosoxtim from KHInsider has noticed a Fox on Sora's lap!!!

citizens of the Heart Kingdom! His Majesty has arrived! Bow to your mighty and Righteous king!



Its gonna be HUUUGE! we will win so much we will get tired of winning!

I knew we would see something today. Kinda looks familiar though.
Sora looks absolutely sexy here <3~ I mean, uh, he looks fantastic >.<.
Wow that looks nice! :O
OMG, he looks so badass! ;A; loving the picture tho~ :3

Thank you for showing this to us, Master DChiuch! :D


Dang, that sketch of Sora looks beyond badass! He's looking quite confident with his regal crown and kingly pose! :P Definitely a masterpiece from the hands of Nomura! He always delivers amazing art pieces!



Gosoxtim from KHInsider has noticed a Fox on Sora's lap!!!


You know what? I took a good look at the image, and it's true! There is a fox on Sora's lap! It's blocked out where it says 15th Anniversary. X3


Nomura always delivers with his amazing artwork! Kudos to him for his skills! :3

But what is on Sora's lap?

But what is on Sora's lap?

a fox or a dog is on his lap

But what is on Sora's lap?


It looks like a fox, based on how the ears are shaped! Though I could be wrong!

His eyes look like Xehanort's tbh. If so then maybe the top left corner painting is an evil Sora???