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  1. Article: Schedule released for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting

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Schedule released for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting

Square Enix has recently updated the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] site releasing the complete schedule for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting event that will take place on April 15th in Anaheim, as well as all the related FAQs.

​You can view the complete schedule and FAQs below:

Schedule Overview (all times in PDT):

  • 11:30 AM: Check-in Begins
  • 1:00 PM: Doors Open / Event Start
  • 2:00 PM: Opening Remarks
  • 3:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Designer Panel:
  • 6:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Developer Panel with Franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura
  • 8:00 PM: Event Close
Entry & Exit:
  • Ticket Availability
    • This event is completely sold out and there will be no extra tickets available for purchase at the door, so only those who already have tickets should come.
  • Checking In
    • Check in will begin near the entrance to the House of Blues starting at 11:30 AM. You will need to present the QR code for your ticket to receive a wristband. You may bring a paper print-out of the code, or show the code on a digital device, such as a smartphone.
  • Entering and Exiting the Venue
    • Upon checking in, you will receive a wristband that will allow you to exit and re-enter the venue for the duration of the event as long as it is on your wrist.Once you have had a wristband attached, do not take it off unless you are ready to leave the venue and not return. Once a wristband has been removed, it will no longer be valid for re-entry.
  • Gift bags
    • Each attendee will receive a bag containing a special assortment of presents to commemorate the Dandelion Meeting! In order to claim your bag, please turn in your wristband at the check-in table when you leave.
Prohibited Items:
  • Drugs and alcohol, pepper spray and other weapons, outside food and drinks, and other items at management discretion are prohibited.
  • Animals (excluding certified service animals) are not allowed in the venue.
FAQS (Updated Apr. 9, 2018)
  • What is the policy for photographs at the event?
    • We encourage all guests to share the excitement of the event on social media. Photography of the venue and event activities is permitted, but please be mindful of other guests when taking photos.
    • To respect the privacy of our guests and employees, please refrain from taking photographs or video of anyone without their express permission.
    • Photography of the stage is not permitted during panel sessions.
  • Will there be a merchandise booth?
    • Yes, there will be a dedicated booth selling select KINGDOM HEARTS merchandise.
  • Will there be an opportunity for fans who can't make it to the event to still take part via a livestream?
    • Unfortunately, the event will not be livestreamed.
  • Will there be photo opportunities with the development team?
    • Unfortunately, there will be no official photo opportunities during the event.
  • Will there be a signing session with the development team?
    • Unfortunately, we will not hold any official signing sessions during the event.
  • Is cosplay allowed? Does the venue have limitations on costume sizes/weapons?
    • Guests are free to attend in cosplay, but please ensure that any costumes or props will not act as a hindrance to any other guests or disrupt flow of movement. Please be reminded that no sharp objects or weapons are permitted, and you may be asked to check-in any potentially hazardous objects prior to entry.
    • Please review the House of Blues website for additional rules and restrictions
  • Where can guests park?
    • The GardenWalk self-parking structure has two entrances conveniently located on Disney Way and Katella Avenue between Harbor Blvd. and Clementine Street. The venue is easily accessible from any level in the parking garage (including ADA accessibility). For more information, visit https://anaheimgardenwalk.com/parking/
  • Where can a guest be dropped off at GardenWalk?
    • Guest drop off is available at the Valet Circle accessible from the Disney Way entrance.
  • Will there be food and drinks available at the venue?
    • Water and soft drinks will be available for purchase inside the venue, and a number of restaurants and eateries are within walking distance within the Anaheim GardenWalk plaza.
  • Is there Wi-Fi at the venue?
    • We plan to have Wi-Fi available at the venue. Unfortunately there are no charging stations, so make sure your phones are fully charged before!
  • What if I have other questions about the venue?
    • If you have any other questions about the venue, including any questions about venue rules or policies, please review the House of Blues website (including the House of Blues FAQ and Safety pages) or contact House of Blues directly
  • Tickets available only for those residing in North and South America (including American states and territories) and the Caribbean.
  • Any minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Limit of 2 tickets per person to allow everyone a fair chance at attending.
  • A valid photo ID that matches registered name will be required at entry. Tickets are not transferable.
  • All ticket sales are final; no refunds will be granted.
  • You agree to comply with all venue rules, terms, and conditions; all posted signs and instructions at the event; and all event and venue staff instructions.
  • Photography and audio and video recording may occur at the event; you hereby consent to being photographed and/or recorded at the event and to the public use of such photographs and recordings.
  • Only those who are present for the event will be eligible to receive any gifts distributed at the event

The event will feature the presence of Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, along with several other developers. Tickets for the event are already sold out.

Will you be attending the event? Don't forget to keep following KH13.com social media, to get updated on our live coverage as soon as the event starts!

I though you could get a signature.

Well I bet there will be a new KH3 trailer.

Very well!! Then, I will be!

Cause there's another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming.....

Very well!! Then, I will be!

Cause there's another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming.....

Are you for certain it's going to happen?

Thanks for informing us about this, Yoshirai!


Even though I'm not able to go to this Union X Fan Event, I'm still very much happy for all the people that will get to go! Here's hoping all of you enjoy! And if there's a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown, be sure to fanboy/fangirl extra hard for me!


Hopefully, the trailer would be online shortly after the event is over, if there's a new trailer at all. X3

It would be the biggest troll move if they didn't show a trailer. I mean Nomura is showing up, come on!

I wonder if the special thing in KH3 relating to KHUX will be elaborated upon.

It would be the biggest troll move if they didn't show a trailer. I mean Nomura is showing up, come on!


Lol, yeah, I agree! Nomura's presence indicates that there's more to all this than meets the eye! :D


I wonder if the special thing in KH3 relating to KHUX will be elaborated upon.


Perhaps it will! We'll find out soon enough! :3