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  1. Article: RUMOR: PHI from SERGE announces apparent involvement in remixing music for Kingdom Hearts III

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      16 Aug

    Is it wrong if I want the Ducktales reboot to have a crossover with the Big Hero 6 cartoon whenever possible? They're both really good shows, imo.

RUMOR: PHI from SERGE announces apparent involvement in remixing music for Kingdom Hearts III

The first mention of new in-game music for Kingdom Hearts III has been done by artist PHI from SERGE on January 2, 2018. They tweeted that they were in charge of remixing the area and battle music for a certain world in Kingdom Hearts III.

You can view the tweet here and below.

A full translation of the tweet has been provided by goldpanner.

"2018 has just started and already I have big news!!

[Silence Clause Lifted]

I was put in charge of remixing the battle theme and field theme for a certain world in Kingdom Hearts 3! I hope you all play the game and check it out!"

Screen Shot 2018 01 10 At 04.51.15

The tweet has not been liked, retweeted, or in any way referenced by an official source, so its legitimacy is still under doubt.

Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

UPDATE [Jan 10, 2018]: Upon investigating the person behind PHI from SERGE, known as Seiya Iwaoka, we have stumbled upon a photo of the cover art of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue that he posted on December 1, 2017, claiming to have worked on some tracks from the game. However, he does not seem to have been credited.

You can view the post here and below, with a translation provided by KH13 staff member Mio-chan.

"Prohibited information

I was a part of Kingdom Hearts 2.8’s music, and I also worked on remix!
People who have the PS4 and have played the KH series, and for those whom it’s their first time, please play it!

It’s very interesting and has a deep story!”

Screen Shot 2018 01 10 At 16.54.54

It was only a month ago when Utada Teruzane, Utada Hikaru's father and manager, tweeted for fans to be positive regarding Utada Hikaru's involvement in Kingdom Hearts III.

You can visit PHI for SERGE's YouTube channel here, SoundCloud here, Twitter account here, Facebook here, and Instagram here.

UPDATE [Jan 20, 2018]: Both the tweet and the Instagram post have been deleted. PHI from SERGE has also deleted his Twitter account, YouTube channel, and PHI Instagram account (@phi_dj), stating "This account is not being used. Please observe." His statement can be seen here, translated by KH13 News Team member NihonScribe.

Let us know your expectations of the soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts III!

First bit of kingdom hearts 3 news in 2018! hope we get at least a little bit more before D23 next month! :)


I'm expecting a very good soundtrack for kingdom hearts 3 

To be honest, the soundtrack is usually something I'm least worried about in games. Even most games I'd consider mediocre or bad had a decent or good OST. And since Shimomura will be composing most of it, I think it will be amazing as usual. There are so many great composers and I don't think SE has ever settled for anyone mediocre.

Since Nomura also seems to be rather critical if the interviews are to be taken seriously, I don't think they'd choose anything which isn't suitable for the environment or atmosphere. Even if I haven't heard much of PHI, I think the outcome will be good. I was more concerned over the fact that the creation of certain assets and models is outsourced to an Indian company I had never heard about before, despite outsourcing being common.

Thanks for the news and the translation! I saw it being retweeted with a picture of KH but couldn't really make out what it said,despite trying with Google translate.
This is gonna be interesting. I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store for us! :D

Based on what I heard on their Youtube channel the world in question could be San Fransokyo

I'm betting San Fransokyo. 

San Fransokyo is the most plausible kind of world to have such music. Let's just wait and see :)

The only part I think is questionable is that they've supposedly been doing remixes for 2.8 and not being credited. I'm aware that some people involved from SE or Disney may not be mentioned but for an outside company not to be credited... It seems a little odd.

It's not unusual for a company to use more unknown artists or even make some sort of contest for certain content, but the lack of credit would make me, if I were an artist, not want to work with SE again.

Doing remixes for 2.8? I wonder.... 

Ooh, what an interesting tidbit of information! Thanks for letting us know about this, Leamax!


Hmm, remixes for Kingdom Hearts III for a specific world, eh? Could it indeed be San Fransokyo, as other members here have mentioned? It would be awesome, and with info this close to D23, it could be that perhaps next month we'll finally see footage of San Fransokyo in action, along with this remixed music accompanying the gameplay of that world! Gahhh, if this is the case, then the hype is on!


This is most interesting indeed! :D

could  this guy work on the remix of punpee rey of hope and since utada made remix  of rey of hope with punpee maybe punpee  hired  this phi guy and  he could be working punpee again on kh3

MoonLight and boss from Phi gives me the Rect it Ralph ribe 

I wonder if we'll get any confirmation if PHI from SERGE is indeed working on Kingdom Hearts III?