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  1. Article: Official Kingdom Hearts theme for LINE messenger is now available for purchase

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      16 Aug

    So we're getting the walking dead season 4 and The Wolf Among us season 2, but no Game of Thrones season 2? Telltale games please make it happen. It's not too late! :)

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      16 Aug

    So yeah...if there's STILL people who haven't seen my Traverse Town fanfic yet, you'll find it in Creative Media-look for Traverse Town stuff with the name "lollygagger19" under it-and feel free to leave a reply if you want.

Official Kingdom Hearts theme for LINE messenger is now available for purchase

Square Enix just released today an official Kingdom Hearts theme for LINE messenger. The theme is now available for 150 LINE points ($2.99.) You can take a look at the screenshots below to see how the theme will look like on your LINE app with it.

line1 line3 line2

"how about having lunch with me tomorrow?"

"O.K. *^^*"

"What time?"

oh I dunno, lunch time?

Lunch time depends A LOT from the person the zone and the situation, so that isn't a real answer (for example I usually have lunch betwen 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm)

Thanks for showing us this, Dengojin!


Huh, this is pretty awesome! For those who have LINE messenger, this must be a dream come true! :D