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  1. Article: Obtain Sleeping Lion Keyblade with Proud Mode quests; releasing at 12 AM USA PT in English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

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      18 Feb

    Going to be honest about birth by sleep: while i did have save files for all three characters, ventus was the only one i liked playing as.

Obtain Sleeping Lion Keyblade with Proud Mode quests; releasing at 12 AM USA PT in English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Square Enix has just announced that on January 26th, 2017, at 12 AM USA PT, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will receive Proud Mode quests for the English version of the game. Proud Mode quests are filled with challenging objectives and tougher enemies. As you fight through these difficult quests, you will be able to have a chance at obtaining the Sleeping Lion Keyblade, which will be available after a certain amount of quests/objectives have been completed.

Check out a preview of Proud Mode below.

Posted Image

Will you be going for the Sleeping Lion Keyblade? Let us know in the comments below!

Is this the announcement,that promised yesterday?I am a little bit disappointed!


​I'll try and get it! Can't make any promises, cause I know it's going to be hard as heck!

Oh I'm excited for this. Been waiting ages. My interest had been fading a little bit this past week, but this is delicious.

YES!!! Finally I can wield one of my favorite Keyblades!

Finally it is here. More content is always good to have in this game. Already unlocked Sleeping Lion. You get it after completing the 3rd quest.

Sounds amazing, but I sure don't have many medals with guilt above 40%.

for a moment I thought this was a contest where I could win a new real life keayblade

I tried to get past the first quest, and I couldn't do it. It's SO hard!