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  1. Article: New story quests added to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

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      22 Sep

    Just read the article about the SkyTree Tower event in Tokyo. I am blown away with all of the PR for Kingdom Hearts 3. I have never seen such a PR push for a title probably since FFXV.

New story quests added to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

The time has come! Since the release of Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, fans have awaited the continuation of the main story of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ with bated breath. As of March 10th, 2017, five new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of the game. While small, this update is a large development to the story, focusing on events within Daybreak Town, as well as the game's divergence from the ending of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. This update seems to be laying the foundations for the upcoming re-branding to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]. You can view info and trailers for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] here.

UPDATE 1: We have received an untranslated playthrough of the update, courtesy of our good friend Everglow, so please take a look! Translated footage will be available soon.

UPDATE 2: We now have an English translated playthrough of the update, courtesy of Everglow! View it below:

Are you excited for the long-awaited continuation to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, and the lead-in to Kingdom Hearts Union χ? Let us know in the comments!

it is weird though how they skipped the keyblade war like that :/

it is weird though how they skipped the keyblade war like that :/

The trailer for Union χ[cross] had a scene which explains this. I won't go into it here, but don't worry, it seems they're acknowledging that!

I am stuck on quest 660.... So i Will wait everglow...

Wow! This is a lot to take in, but I'm looking foward to it either way!



I don't know what to think anymore. I have said that we consistently underestimate KH3's story and what it contains. Now with this monkey wrench thrown in... I... I'm at a loss for words.

Thanks for showing us this, Raxaimus! :D




This is definitely exciting news! Things will only continue to get more interesting from here on out! I'm very interested to see Ventus's backstory play out! Wow, the hype is on!


I wonder how long it'll take for us to get to Union X, though? I mean, Japan already got started with Union X, as evidenced here! And we're still in the late 500's, almost reaching 600 missions! I think that we'll get to Union X by September or October!


The hype is on! :D

When Ven's theme started playing, I got goosebumps. I can't wait for Union Cross!

It's awesome how we're finally starting to see stuff from "season two" of KHUx. The story going forward is going to be very interesting. I can't wait to see the dynamic between Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus and the other two new characters when they're introduced. I'm anxious to see what the entirely new characters will look like, as well.