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  1. Article: New story quests added to international version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

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      19 Sep
    Master Eraqus

    Note: What I will say is not meant to be taken completely seriously and is just an idea to think about and possibly break your hearts. ;P Remember that angel-like creature that stood behind Marluxia in Re:COM? What if that was Strelitzia's Nobody?

New story quests added to international version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

On March 9th, 2017, the international version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ received 15 new story quests! Players will return to Agrabah and help Aladdin search for Abu in this new update. As always, every five quests will reward you with a small amount of jewels. Additionally, finishing all 15 of these quests rewards you with an Orichalcum, used to strengthen a Keyblade of your choice. Be sure to do these quests as soon as possible, as there is a zero AP event currently underway, set to end incredibly soon. Have fun!

In related news, the game will be undergoing a two-hour maintenance on March 12th, lasting from 1 AM PST to 4 AM PDT. The extra hour is due to the Daylight Savings Time change, so please don't be alarmed!

Story Update 1 Story Update 2 Story Update 3 Maintenance 1 Maintenance 2 Maintenance 3

Are you excited to continue the story? Let us know in the comments!

at least free jewels from maintenance :D