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  1. Article: New promotional video shows off multiplayer mode in development for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

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New promotional video shows off multiplayer mode in development for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

The official Twitter accounts for both the Japanese and International versions of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ have posted a video showing off the new multiplayer mode that will be coming soon. The Tweet apologizes that it's not coming along as quickly as they hoped and is still in development, but to enjoy the preview in the video.

The video can be viewed below:

Not super sure how I feel about this. Looks... chaotic. Hopefully they make it very clear what happens when you, say, die, or don't participate in a battle, or whatever.

Can't wait for this! :D

honesty i have stoped caring about unchained key unless mickey and brooms come im honesty done


though is does pain me because i do like game but as the international version is now it is impossible the compete, at this point im only in it for the story

Dang, this looks amazing! Definitely loving how hectic and epic the battles look onscreen! I just hope that so much onscreen chaos doesn't create lags or game crashes! xD


But you can definitely color me psyched! :D

seems a tad bit chaotic and I hope quests with chests heal everyone (because that's fair to me), but I'm pretty excited for this though ik its still *hehe* in developement.

We can finally get the adamantite ores.

this looks amazing!