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  1. Article: New leak shows Kingdom Hearts 2.9 could be an upcoming title for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4, + possible Kingdom Hearts III info

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      15 Aug

    I literally had a dream before that I finally got Kingdom Hearts 3 and I was playing it. When I woke, I was mentally like "Welp! Time to play some good old Kingdom Hearts 3 again!" Then, I reminded myself that it wasn't out yet and I was so disappointed. Waiting for this game for six years has made me dream about it and I don't think this is healthy. XD

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  • Photo
      14 Aug
    Dracula X

    Imagine the Kingdom Hearts series with The Disney princesses being the main heroes fighting Ansem, Organization XIII and Master Xehanort

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New leak shows Kingdom Hearts 2.9 could be an upcoming title for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4, + possible Kingdom Hearts III info

A Square Enix game designer from Osaka has updated their public LinkedIn page with the projects that they worked on at Square Enix from August 2014 to June 2015, and curiously "Kingdom Hearts 2.9" is listed here as a title for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. If true, the listing also confirms some Kingdom Hearts III info such as Pixar involvement, a possible Gummi Ship system, and possible multiplayer! For the 10 months that they reported working at Square Enix, they supposedly worked on both Kingdom Hearts 2.9 and Kingdom Hearts III, making the following contributions:

Game Designer
Square Enix
August 2014 - June 2015(11 months) | Osaka, Osaka, Japan

"Kingdom Hearts 2.9" (PS3, PS4) Development (10 Months)
 -Game idea planning and documentation
 -Game Check and balance
 -Boss planning
 -Attraction Flow planning and documentation

"Kingdom Hearts III" (PS4, Xbox One) Development (10 Months )
 Original-level planning, documentation and execution for 2 Worlds
INCLUDING enemy, Item, secrets and event Management
 -Mockup Creation of 3 Worlds INCLUDING temporary Asset Creation
 -Game idea planning and documentation
 -Game Check and balance
 -Enemy planning and documentation
 -Gummi Ship system planning and documentation
 -Multiplayer planning and documentation
 -Attraction Flow planning and documentation
 -Main Scenario planning for 2 Worlds
 -Various in-Game dialogue writing
 -Translation and Interpretation of Contact Between Involved English and Japanese parties INCLUDING Disney and Pixar
 -Publicity video Recording and editing
 -Communication with Outsourced companies
 -Holding Meetings with Disney and Pixar
 -Team Management, Meeting Management and Proceeding Recordings

This listing can be seen by searching for "kingdom hearts 2.9" on LinkedIn while logged in. While there is a small possibility that this page is fabricated, we have considered that their profile is linked to other profiles that we have verified as legitimate, and that their page contains a whole range of information about the game designer's career that is legitimate, and so we believe this to be true.

This news follows a leak from E3 2015 where Kingdom Hearts 2.9 temporarily appeared on the official Square Enix Presents schedule screen, before being quietly removed. This was also suspected to be fake at first, but we have since verified that Kingdom Hearts 2.9 did indeed appear on this official screen on the show floor. Was it a mistake, or something more?

If true, it is unknown exactly what Kingdom Hearts 2.9 could be. Is listing Kingdom Hearts III's Attraction Flow underneath Kingdom Hearts 2.9 a mistake, or could this new game be used to show off some of the Kingdom Hearts III gameplay features? Initial speculation was that Kingdom Hearts 2.9 could be a re-release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, but comments by Nomura in an E3 2015 interview seem to indicate that there are no plans for this. Was the game cancelled, or will it be announced in the future? Only time will tell.

Calling it now. 2017 Spring Release Date for Kingdom Hearts III, while we get Kingdom Hearts '2.9' for 2016. Thanks for the thread, OP!

Well this sparks my interest. Only time will tell I guess. Nomura you clever lil sneak!

ARE WE NOT MENTIONING THAT "[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:'Helvetica Neue', helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:rgb(247,247,247);]Translation and Interpretation of Contact Between Involved English and Japanese parties INCLUDING Disney and Pixar" [/color]


[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:'Helvetica Neue', helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:rgb(247,247,247);]PIXAR WORLDS CONFIRMED IN KH3?!?!?[/color]

Well this sparks my interest. Only time will tell I guess. Nomura you clever lil sneak!

We're all little sneaks, aren't we?
Posted Image

Seriously?! A Kingdom Hearts 2.9? Well, this might mean either DDD and some other Kingdom Hearts game, or something we've never even thought about.

I wish that it could be Re:Coded and DDD, but hey, who knows? (If someone says something against this...)

I think it wouldn't be remiss to speculate that 2.9 would include the HD remaster of KH3D that has been hinted at. I would also have speculated a new version of X for consoles, if the smartphone version hadn't just been made and released. The hopeful side of me would hazard to suggest updated, playable versions of 358 and Re:coded, but I seriously doubt that.


Since it mentions attraction flow, perhaps 2.9 is just a 3D remaster, but they're including a demo of KH3 to give more incentive to purchase it. Basically, the same strategy they used with the FF Type-0 remaster and its FFXV demo.

The frickle-frack?



It is possible, however unlikely, that KH2.9 is either a complete collection of every KH game remastered + DDD for PS3 and PS4...or just the ones in 2.5 + DDD for PS3 and PS4. But it doesn't really make sense to just re-release KH2.5 + DDD on PS3 again by themselves, it makes far more sense to lump them all together. It could also be something entirely different though, or even just a fake. This definitely piques my interest.


Nomura has fibbed before...

If this is somehow something that contains BbSV2 (and hopefully a KH3D thing, as well) then they can sign me up for it right now. I've wanted that game since it was first teased. LOL.


Whatever this is, though, it sure is exciting. That's for sure. Ahh!:)

TGS announcement, mark my words.

Oh please let it be DDD HD REMIX! :) 





Could it be?


Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Remix

Kingdom Hearts X Online HD

Kingdom Hearts Kairi's Crossbow Keyblade Training!?



Hope they fit Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 2 in it as well.


Sep 08 2015 02:02 PM
I think this is just KH3D coming to PS3/PS4, and that it may come with new features and such, and maybe it will include full playable versions of the DS titles?
If 2.9 ends up being a re-release of the 1.5 and 2.5 Remixes onto the PS4 I will scream out of anger because I just bought a PS3 last week JUST for the Remixes. Like I am going to cry if that's true.

We're all little sneaks, aren't we?

No...Just me. 

I like the sound of that! Let this be DDD remaster or something of the sort.

No...Just me.

You're the CLEVER little sneak, the rest of us are just little sneaks. xD

Guess we found our 2016 KH game? lol


Would be really cool if KH2.9 was some sort of prequel to KH3 made with the same engine and assets, kind of like a demo/MGS V: Ground Zeroes. If that was the case though, I wonder why it's on PS3/PS4 and not PS4/Xbone. It could be the HD remaster of KH3D we've been waiting for, but then "Attraction Flow" being listed wouldn't make sense, unless they meant Flowmotion and it has a different name now or they heavily reworked that mechanic to make it fit in with KH3 more.


The real news from this though is Pixar worlds potentially confirmed. I'm firetruckin' in!

If it turns out to be true, maybe it could be where Dream Drop Distance HD comes in, and maybe it includes a demo of KH3, at least for the PS4 edition, kind of like the FFXV demo or Ground Zeroes.

If DDD does end up being HD remaster'ed for KH 2.9 it does seem interesting how it'll also be released on the PS3, mainly because of the need of using touch. Using touch is possible for the PS4 with the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller, while the PS3's DualShock 3 controller of course doesn't have one.


Maybe they'll overhaul the FlowMotion system that's used in DDD and turn it into something that we'll expect in KH3, I mean the whole "Attraction Flow planning and documentation" under 2.9 could allude to that.  :/

If this leak is real, 2.9 could be the "Secret" game Square Enix was talking about for this year's TGS. But I don't believe this in the slightest for now.

Bbs volume 2? And a DDD remake?

How peculiar....I know Nomura's words from that interview said otherwise on the HD ReMIX games, but I'm kind of holding out hope that it's a re-release of 1.5 and 2.5+ KH3D. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what this all truly is about.  

The 13th Kenpachi
Sep 08 2015 02:30 PM


I don't even know what to believe anymore. I am officially taking everything with a grain of salt until after D23.

I'm excited for this, Whatever it may be. I'm leaning on KH DDDHD with a Demo of KH3 like some have said. It's worked for Square in the past with Final Fantasy Type-0 and I've been waiting for some Kingdom Hearts on PS4.