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  1. Article: New Kingdom Hearts-themed t-shirts available at Avail stores in Japan

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      19 Mar

    is there going to be some spoiler system for all the games that came out a few months before and after kingdom hearts 3 releases because I'm sure that there will be a lot of newcomers to the series that will be playing the kh games in anticipation for kingdom hearts 3. I think it would be kinda rude if the newcomers were spoiled because they didn't play the games at the time of their releases. Just my opinion

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      19 Mar
    Yessie Maltese

    Just watched some cutscenes From Doki Doki Literature Club. When I first heard about it, I thought it was gonna be a cute, innocent schoolgirls anime or game, (well of course, I learned that it's a game) but boy, I was wrong! XD it's dark af.

New Kingdom Hearts-themed t-shirts available at Avail stores in Japan

A new set of Kingdom Hearts-themed long-sleeved t-shirts has been announced to be available to purchase at Avail shops in Japan. They come with a free Kingdom Key necklace with every purchase.

The t-shirts are available for 1,980 yen ($17.56 USD) and come in the sizes M, L, and LL. You can view images of the t-shirts and necklace below:

fd3bdb0faf548009fdedd63214d8ec06 c78cc2c1e10d8a5b0db82697ebd5cceb eeb6a47cfa9f3d0ff554f88240507ac8 534980aefc50949a03813e4c6a6f2d4a b01a9c9f4efebb2ea86ddeb875013d37

Thanks to KH13 staff member @mio-chan for the translations!

What do you think of these Kingdom Hearts-themed shirts? Let us know down in the comments!


i thought $20 for the shirt was good enough then i saw you get a free necklace?  heck yeah 



please keep us updated