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  1. Article: New Kingdom Hearts series memorial stained glass clock to be showcased on January 9, 2017 at Shinjuku Station in Japan for series 15th anniversary

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    I’m glad we didn’t get another Waluigi situation where people harass Nomura for adding the Caribbean instead of Treasure Planet.

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New Kingdom Hearts series memorial stained glass clock to be showcased on January 9, 2017 at Shinjuku Station in Japan for series 15th anniversary

Square Enix has just updated their Japanese Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue website with a link to a new memorial site for the Kingdom Hearts series 15th Anniversary containing details on a new Kingdom Hearts series memorial stained glass clock. This stained glass clock will be showcased at Shinjuku Station in Japan from January 9th, 2017 until January 15th, 2017 as part of the series' 15th anniversary. It will also feature a large video screen featuring moments from the Kingdom Hearts and a mural honoring characters and moments from the series.

The website features the tagline "The story starts moving again."

Pictures, such as Kingdom Hearts characters from the past 15 years were also exhibited. Check it out below. This will be exhibited as a mural painting.

Posted Image

004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 017 019 709dd42a display examples wall C1rTAT UsAE81Jh C1rdOqAUAAA805H C1rdP9wUkAE6Wrw C1rdRRlUUAA4iC3 C1rdSqEUsAAr4Lq C1reEoWVIAA3Mim C1re F VEAA3sYk C1re F VEAEbZXm C1re F9UQAAQpB C1re F9UQAE CBx C1rfmv6UoAACN0f C1rfn2lVIAEcEb5 C1rfo5mVEAA2Iv5 C1rfp7NUUAARXYt C1rVocDUAAAOoS C1rYVwrUsAA516e C1rj h9UQAAlrnn C1rkXe5VEAAXULK C1rkXe6VIAAdXZv C1rkXe9UsAAMVQm C1rll55VEAQr1xM C1rll57UUAAVQlj C1rll57VEAAM4yV C1rll58UoAAqD P C1rkXRvUcAAG6Gu Nomura 2 Nomura C1sGxQdVQAA234p C1sGxQlUoAAMAoP C1sGxQnUoAEeb1Y C1sGfXjUoAA8pPf C1sGfY1UcAAs0cp C1sGfY5UsAE6P6g Nomura 3 Nomura 3 Nomura 4 L 5872f6050cd9d

There is also a Twitter campaign related to the memorial clock. The campaign invites people to take pictures in person with the memorial clock or to use one of the prepared stained glass images given on the official site with the hashtag #キングダムハーツ15周年.

All promotional images including the poster for the Twitter campaign can be found below thanks to 4Gamer.

UPDATE 1: The Kingdom Hearts Memorial Clock is now set up and open to the public! The website has also been updated to include a virtual version of the clock featuring all the games in the Kingdom Hearts series with short video clips and images. They've also added a link to easily participate in the previously mentioned Twitter campaign if you cannot make it to the Memorial Clock in person. A video and image of the Memorial Clock have been provided thanks to Twitter user @pi_su05 and more images of the display have been provided thanks to Twitter users @mti_k_h, @Soichiro_Sun, @Jixon_Livermore, and @adachi813! Thank you to Churro and KH Destiny for the tips!

UPDATE 2: There are a few comments by series director Tetsuya Nomura that have appeared on the video screens at the Exhibit! Images are thanks to Twitter users @ArikaMiz and @sonzaisinaimono and English translations have been provided by Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com).

For the game player, the Final Fantasy characters are their childhood friends, but that's not the same for the Kingdom Hearts characters we introduced. They're original in their birth and ages, and we introduced them with a different goal in mind. I think that the individuality of these characters and meeting them is one adventure to look forward to.

--Kingdom Hearts Series Director, Nomura Tetsuya

We received a feeling of exhilaration with a simple creation. We've been working on this concept for a long time. Even for people who aren't good at games, just by touching it, you can run around as you please, and you can bring forth flashy, beautiful effects like falling branches. The battles tend to be brutal, but I think the item that will help you avoid feeling that is the Keyblade.

--Kingdom Hearts Series Director, Nomura Tetsuya

Even if you try to live a just life these days, just by that you'll wear yourself out. The feeling of leaving the road you should travel on is a strangely sweet one. I think that's the kind of existence they have.

--Kingdom Hearts Series Director, Nomura Tetsuya

I say that “Sora is a normal boy,” but there are surely people who feel uneasy about that statement. He holds many hearts inside of him and continues adventures through a dream-like world--how is that “normal”? By putting it simply, surely everyone lives while feeling the emotions in someone else's heart, and they should all be on their own adventure. With that in mind, Sora is just like any other boy. From here on, just like everyone else, Sora will have many experiences, and as he experiences empathy he surely will grow, but I think he will remain a normal boy in everyone's hearts.

--Kingdom Hearts Series Director, Nomura Tetsuya

UPDATE 3: Famitsu has reported that the Kingdom Hearts Memorial Clock exhibit has 5 themes: "Sora's memories", "Ones who doesn't exist", "Keyblade", "Final Fantasy", and "The World of Kingdom Hearts".

UPDATE 4: The Kingdom Hearts Memorial Clock Twitter campaign winners have received their memorial clocks on March 31st! View images of them below, provided by @Yamato_exe1126, @carie810, @peto_margherita, @sakuny_heart, and @Noir_plus on Twitter:

carie810 carie810(2) peto_margherita sakuny heart sakuny heart(2) sakuny heart(3) sakuny heart(4) sakuny heart(5) sakuny heart(6) yamato_exe1126 yamato exe1126(2) yamato exe1126(3) yamato exe1126(4) yamato exe1126(5) peto margherita(2) IMG 8389 IMG 8390 IMG 8391 KiritaChihasu IMG 8544

Nice. I want to see that clock and take pictures if only the clock could go on a tour.

OMG! This is amazing! 

That is so awesome. I just thought of something what if it counts down to KH 3's release date or the reveal of the date?

can we get a closer look at the characters on the panels?

That cluster firetruck on the right side of the mural tho lol. Damn If only I could see that stained glass clock in person ;__; it's gorgeous *-*!!

That's two Chain of Memories ones, two DDD ones, two Days ones, one for coded, one for khux/khx, and two BBS ones. Are they actually acknowledging the games that aren't KH1 and KH2 in this stuff now?? I'm glad. And wow Xion's and Aqua's are so pretty.

This is so neat. I love that we get some new awakening station designs from this. The KH II Sora and Kairi with Namine and Roxas, and the Xion ones have to be my favorites. :D

Rob loves how Aqua is in the middle in the character chart with Sora next to her. Rob loves Aqua's stained glass. Rob loves how Sora's stained glass points to Aqua. Rob loves how Aqua is the most most focused in the countdown screen.


Year of Aqua is here!


PS: Love how the stained glasses show the whole series in a circle.

Damn this looks good. Wish I could go and see it in person.

Ohmygosh it took me FOREVER, but I finally figured out what the top picture was! It's the statue! :D


I wish I could go see it

Now if only we could actually buy these clocks.

Really liking the Roxas, Xion, and Aqua ones... Kinda weird how Roxas isn't on Xion's and Sora isn't on Roxas's though xD


Damn, the stations of awakening are in a station. Pretty amazing stuff!!!

I wonder how long it took to make that long mural, whoever made it must have been so confused.

It's happening... Kingdom Hearts III... it's happening...

These are gorgeous! But I still wish that Axel could've gotten his own.

Just looking at this makes me want to cry happy tears 


; ______________________________ ;


I just still can't believe it's been 15 years since KH1 

Look how close we became in all those years!!! <333


These stained glass exhibit is just so beautiful and I really can't wait what's to come in the future!!

Dang, all of these stained glass Stations Of Awakening look way too amazing! Gahhh, I can't take the epicness! And that mural, though! :O


15 years of Kingdom Hearts. Time flies! :')

They really want us to focus on the best character. :)



The fact that a huge part of Sora's arc is learning empathy is. So good. KH2 REALLY stepped out on that one by not having Sora question himself on Nobodies even after Axel dies for him/Roxas, but DDD managed to come back to that in an amazing way, and I can't wait to see Sora keep growing like that. I feel like it has to be a huge part of his arc in KH3, considering following his heart brought him to darkness in DDD but Data-Ansem says he needs to follow his heart in order to save the people who need him.


All that is to say, I liked Nomura's little comments.

That is so awesome. I just thought of something what if it counts down to KH 3's release date or the reveal of the date?

It counts down to the 2.8 Release of Japan.

It counts down to the 2.8 Release of Japan.


And we still have to wait till the 24th! The wait is killing me! xD