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  1. Article: New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - premiere in Los Angeles

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      19 Jan

    Master Xehanort and Donald are both often unintelligible and need subtitles to understand what they are saying. Coincidence? Yeah right!

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      19 Jan

    If Shibuya gets into kingdom hearts 3, it would be the first video game to be present in kingdom hearts 3.

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New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - premiere in Los Angeles

With the surprise appearance of series director Tetsuya Nomura on stage, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - showcased a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer today at its North American premiere in Los Angeles, California. The trailer showcased exciting new gameplay from the upcoming game and some cutscenes. The trailer was soon uploaded on the internet by the official Square Enix YouTube channel in Japanese. You can view the trailer with English subtitles below:

The trailer ended with a message that a new world and a new trailer will be available at the D23 Expo on July 15, 2017.

Square Enix Press Center describes the trailer as follows:

Earlier at the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra –World Tour– concert in Los Angeles, SQUARE ENIX® and Disney Interactive dazzled fans with a new KINGDOM HEARTS III gameplay trailer featuring never before seen footage based on Disney’s animated hit, “Hercules,” which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

In this action-packed trailer, Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy help Hercules battle various forms of Heartless on Mount Olympus through gorgeous visuals and gameplay. Fans will see Sora in a new form, which allows him to perform special powerful solo and joint attacks on his enemies. A new glimpse into the game’s storyline reveals a reunion with Disney villains Hades, Maleficent and Pete as they discuss the location of a mysterious item while Sora is faced with a dilemma in an effort to bring back an old friend.

We will be updating this article with any new information.

Below is the trailer with no subtitles.

Check out over 100 screenshots from the trailer, going frame by frame! All in High Quality.

KH3 E3 Trailer h264 013 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 016 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 017 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 018 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 019 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 020 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 021 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 022 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 023 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 024 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 025 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 026 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 027 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 028 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 029 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 030 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 031 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 032 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 033 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 034 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 035 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 036 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 037 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 038 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 039 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 040 KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 041.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 042.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 043.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 044.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 045.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 046.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 047.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 048.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 049.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 050.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 051.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 052.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 053.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 054.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 055.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 056.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 057.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 058.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 059.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 060.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 061.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 062.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 063.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 064.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 065.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 066.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 067.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 068.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 069.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 070.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 071.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 072.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 073.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 074.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 075.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 076.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 077.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 078.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 079.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 081.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 080.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 082.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 083.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 084.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 085.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 086.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 087.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 088.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 089.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 090.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 091.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 092.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 093.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 094.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 096.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 095.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 097.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 098.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 099.jpg KH3_E3_Trailer_h264 100.jpg KH3 E3 Trailer h264 101 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 102 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 104 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 103 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 106 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 105 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 107 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 108 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 109 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 110 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 112 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 111 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 113 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 114 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 115 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 116 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 124 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 127 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 132 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 135 KH3 E3 Trailer h264 146

What do you think of the new trailer? let us know in the comments!



Everyone, I was going to sleep on Saturday night at about 1:30AM, when I just happen to check on KH13 before going to bed, and when I see in the concert coverage that Nomura has appeared on stage, I immediately glued my eyes to my iPad screen, and I was constantly refreshing the page to see if there was anything Kingdom Hearts III related connected to him! And then I saw a member here post a status saying that a trailer was shown, and that it would be posted in about 15 minutes! 


The long and short of it: I stayed awake till 2:00AM when the trailer aired, and this was my reaction! xD



Everyone, we were surprised just like that! Nomura delivered, and the hype has intensified for the ever awesome Kingdom Hearts III! :D