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  1. Article: New Kingdom Hearts III screenshots released

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    I really want to get together with some freshly new KH Youtubers and create a new group for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts players. The Next Saga is going to be upon us sooner or later and i want to be ready!

New Kingdom Hearts III screenshots released

Square Enix have released new Kingdom Hearts III screenshots! These show Sora in a new Drive Form, titled Guard Form.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Are you excited for this new form? Let us know in the comments!

Fix-It Feliciaa? I mean, Felixx? xD

Wreck-It Ralph? :D


That's not what I was thinking! Maybe Wreck-It-Ralph? 

The only world i see Sora could get a keyblade that transforms to a hammer is wreck it ralph..oh please.

Sora looks great! I'm glad we're actually on Mt. Olympus this time, but the backgrounds kind of look "meh", to me. But I'm sure it'll look better in motion.

Anyone else notice the subtle crown decoration on Sora's hood? You can see it on the Power form screenshot. I wonder if that's a decoration from the form or if it's actually part of the standard version of the outfit. I'm leaning more towards the latter since it makes more sense that way, as it doesn't seem directly connected with the decoration of the form motif, mostly being on the pant legs and shirt sleeves. Plus Kairi's hood seems to have cat ear decorations on it so it makes sense for Sora to literally have a crown over his head.

This is truly a great day to be a Kingdom Hearts fan!

Looks like we'll be heading to the heavens of Olympus.

They brought back firetrucking drive forms.
Nomura, take me right now.

This should be Sora's new outfit for KH3. But I do wish there was more to his outfit creatively and design wise because it is similar to Ven and Soras old outfit combined. I was hopping for something more knightly considering he is trying to become a keyblade master in KH3. I do like the checkered pattern on his poofy pants though and I do love the fact that drive forms are coming back! But coming form a long time fan of the KH designs I would really like to see a more inspired look for Sora next time.  

That Shadow heartless is huge!

Notice that Power form is red and Guard form is yellow? I wonder if that means they're keepign the same color theme. If so then I guess we'll be gettign a blue on and a white one too. Maybe a dark one and a retro one as well. 
But, this is all I need for KH3 news. I'm good until launch now. 

Hey guys Nomura here. There will be no KH3 news until after 2.8's release.


You know what?  F*ck it! here u have 2 screenshots with DRIVE FORMS, a new Hercules world area and new censored transformed keyblade! ... :D

Alas, some will still complain that this isn't enough info.

Sora has chess looking pants I don't know if anyone pointed that out but I just noticed and also I wonder what the Gods think that heartless are just running around in their home. Imagen fighting a GOD HEARTLESS!

Drive FORMS?!





Illuminati confirmed.

Sora has more hair texture :) Looks good!

For power form... Some people have been saying about camouflage pants, but to me it looks a little bit like lightning... Lightning... hammer... I think you know what I'm thinking about. Then again, if I did that, I wouldn't have put olympus coliseum in there. Too many lightning worlds. So chances are, I'm wrong. And holy crap, if that's censorship, that is one big hammer... And just so no one says this after me... That's what she said. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Good lord, this is amazing!  Here we were expecting to see nothing Kingdom Hearts III till next year, and bam! Nomura comes and delivers these beautiful screenshots to our hungry eyes!!! Such beautiful symphony of color and dazzling epicness!!! Gahhh, so awesome!


Not only do we now have confirmation that Drive Forms are officially coming back, we got our first look at two new forms!  And Mt. Olympus is looking fresh as heck!!!!  Such beautiful, beautiful screenshots!  This gets me hyped up for KHIII all the more, and I can't wait to see what we will see next year!


Thank you Nomura, and thank you DChiuch, for showing these beautiful screenshots to all of us! :')

DUUUUUUUUUDE. Drive forms??? Olympus, (I think) except even more badass?? Holy firetruck Christmas came early this year!!  0/*

DRIVE FORMS ARE BACK! its just so beautiful!

Make all heartless have green eyes xD

or instead of thinking cartoon disney movies don't forget that Marvel is also owned by disney so instead of WRECK IT Ralph maybe a marvel hero that is known to carry a hammer? So may be Sora is also worthy of carrying a certain hammer.

Awsome did not expect New screenshots
The 13th Kenpachi
Oct 29 2016 01:40 PM

Fix-It Feliciaa? I mean, Felixx? xD

Wreck-It Ralph? :D

Exactly what I was thinking Mooch!!! xD


The moment those screenshots came out I was all like



Seriously though, KH3 looks AMAZING :O:O:D. I love those screenshots, one is now my screensaver! Anyhow, Nomura said no KH3 news until after 2.8 and no less than a month later proceeds to show us 2 new drive forms, improved graphics and the top of OC! :D

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YES!!! I'm starting to feel happy again, people..  I'm loving the shield, Drive forms being back is awesome, and Olympus is just freakin BEAUTIFUL. 

Hoping everything here you can actually explore in some way,of course it isn't going to be a 1:1 replication.

full.jpgI wonder where exactly Sora is though.