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  1. Article: Monogram Direct Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Keyrings Series 3 Blind Bags coming to BoxLunch and Hot Topic

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Monogram Direct Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Keyrings Series 3 Blind Bags coming to BoxLunch and Hot Topic

Back in August, Monogram Direct announced Series 3 of their line of Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Keyrings. BoxLunch and Hot Topic have recently added Series 3 Blind Bags to their websites, but both sites have them currently Out of Stock. Box Lunch will be selling each bag for $6.90 USD while Hot Topic is selling the bags for the same price, but online orders can save 20%, bringing the price down to $5.52 USD.

Series 3 contains Halloween Town Sora, Organization XIII Roxas, Axel (with his Eternal Flames chakrams), Terra, Aqua, Naminé, Xion, Halloween Town Donald Duck, Halloween Town Goofy, the Earthshaker Keyblade, and the Rainfell Keyblade. You can check them all out in the gallery below:

Series 3 Lineup Individual Packaging 24 Piece Case Pack 11022803 Hi 11022803 Av1 11022803 Av2 11022803 Av3 80185 kingdom hearts series 3 group characters

Monogram Direct have also uploaded an unboxing video of Series 3 on YouTube. You can watch it below:

We will keep you updated on when Series 3 will become available for purchase.

Sweeeet, thanks for showing this to us, Leamax! 


It looks like this year is gonna be another good year for Kingdom Hearts merchandise! :D