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  1. Article: Message and new Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] artwork from Tetsuya Nomura

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    This girl has been on 3 ships, who all were struck by something, two of which sunk (including the TITANTIC), survived all 3 incidents and continued to work on passenger ships despite it all. I want to be as brave as her.

Message and new Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] artwork from Tetsuya Nomura

On the official Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Twitter account, a tweet was posted with a message from Tetsuya Nomura:

Good evening, this is Tetsuya Nomura. From Unchained χ's existence to Union Cross, two years have passed since the service started. I thank you very much. I'll try to make public as soon as possible a new illustration of the title screen. This time please pay attention to their positions. So, thank you for your consideration.

Translated by KH13 translator Mio-chan.
The tweet can be viewed here.

Another message was left by Tetsuya Nomura and he promises that the main story of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], will be deeper than Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. He hopes that the story will keep fans thinking at every turn each time.

The new artwork from Tetsuya Nomura features Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Blaine, Lauriam, Chirithy and a mysterious figure in a black coat. This image, as well as images from the upcoming v2.3 update set for September 14th JST, can be seen below:

oIs7N7bd0 oI6xNigYI oI6tNdQOq DIukjQFUIAEDCyc


-A Message from the Director-

Long time no see, this is Nomura.
Somehow we are able to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, and it’s thanks to the fans.
The staff appreciate it too, thank you.
This time I tried very hard to write and draw various things.
I will explain: I did the KH2’s last battle illustration, the KH2 avatar parts and others so I kind of multiplying the number "2" for the 2nd Anniversary Event.
The main story ended with a long KH-ish prologue, so the main part of Union Cross begins at last.
This is what the title displayed on the latest scenario part meant.
It was the beginning of an impact, I believe that Union Cross will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ.

I think that each new part added will make you even more involved into the story, so please look forward to it.
By the middle of September, there is a little part of the main scenario in preparation along with a large-scale update, so please look forward to it too.
Until then, may your heart be your guiding key.

So you do you think of Nomura's update? Do you like the fact he directly messaged fans of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]? What do you think of the new artwork? Are you excited of the next big game update? Let us know in the comments.

Has anyone noticed that all 5 of the Union leaders wear black? Like a certain organization...