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  1. Article: UPDATED: Limited time Kingdom Hearts III promo coming to Shinjuku Station

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      21 Sep

    Question were the Heartless still able to mess around in the worlds after KH2? Currently playing 2 again and I see KH3 trailers and after KH2 everything was well sort of finished you know (untill dear BBS came around the corner)

UPDATED: Limited time Kingdom Hearts III promo coming to Shinjuku Station

Square Enix have announced that a special board will be put up in Shinjuku Station to commemorate Kingdom Hearts III's release in Japan on January 25th 2019. The board will be available between June 25th to July 1st.

The board shows several shots from Kingdom Hearts III's cutscenes, showing off characters like Elsa and Ralph. There will also be five boxes that contain leaflets based on the "Stories Connecting To III" summary movies that were released earlier this month. You can check out what it will look like in the gallery below.

Shinjuku Promo 1 Shinjuku Promo 2 Shinjuku Promo 3 Shinjuku Promo 4

Each leaflet has its own art and story and there are 15 leaflets to collect in all. The leaflets are said to be in limited quality. At several points in the day (10:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00) JST residents can collect one leaflet from each book for themselves.

A special Twitter campaign will also be happening that gives people the chance to win 5 notebooks based on the storybooks themselves. All entrants have to do is share what they thought of the recap videos by July 8th to be in for a chance to win.

Square Enix Japan tweeted about the special promo saying:

"From 6/25, Stories Connecting to KH3 special boards will be displayed at Shinjuku Station Metro Promenade! We are also preparing a unique experience - don't miss out!"

Information from the official site says this about the leaflets:

"5 Episodes of the Kingdom Hearts series appeared as pictures books, now they are exhibited as 5 physical boxes! You can pull out the pages from the pictures books, borrow them and come back another day. Messages that link to KHIII can only be read in the leaflets.

For Square Enix members (free), the leaflets are planned to be tradable at a later date by using points."

Thank you to goldpanner and KH13 Staff Mio-chan for translations.

UPDATE [Jun 24, 2018]: It is now the morning of July 25th in Japan, and fans have started to share pictures of the Stories Connected to Kingdom Hearts III boards!

See them below, and follow our Twitter for the latest media on this promotional campaign!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Kh3 001 cs1w1 800x600 Kh3 002 cs1w1 720x Kh3 003 cs1w1 720x Kh3 004 cs1w1 720x Kh3 005 cs1w1 720x Kh3 006 cs1w1 720x Kh3 007 cs1w1 720x Kh3 008 cs1w1 720x Kh3 009 cs1w1 720x Kh3 010 cs1w1 720x Kh3 011 cs1w1 720x Kh3 012 cs1w1 720x Kh3 013 cs1w1 720x Kh3 014 cs1w1 720x Kh3 015 cs1w1 720x Kh3 016 cs1w1 720x Kh3 017 cs1w1 720x Kh3 018 cs1w1 720x Kh3 019 cs1w1 720x Kh3 020 cs1w1 x720 Kh3 021 cs1w1 x720 2 3 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 board rap1 rap2 rap3 Rat rat2

UPDATE [Jun 25, 2018]: Leaflet distribution has been momentarily suspended due to congestion during distribution periods.

UPDATE [Jun 29, 2018]: The Memorial leaflets will be redistributed via lottery. You can read more about it and the translations of the special messages at the back of the leaflets here.

UPDATE [Jun 30, 2018]: DTimes have published close-up images of the special Kingdom Hearts III board that show some exclusive stills from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra trailer shown earlier this month to the attendees at the concert in Los Angeles!

You can see stills from the scene where Sora and Rapunzel are dancing - infact, there will be a rhythm mini-game where you can dance with Rapunzel in Kingdom of Corona. There are also stills from the scene where Sora is cooking with Remy in a mini-game you can play in Twilight Town.



What do you think of the special promotion? Let us know in the comments below!