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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] officially released in Latin America

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] officially released in Latin America

After the release of Version 2.3.1 in the global version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], the @SquareEnixUSA Twitter account has announced that the game is now officially available in Latin American regions as of September 28th, 2017.

The game can be downloaded for iOS for Latin American regions here and on Google Play here, though it is only available in the English language.

Promotional images shown on the Latin American iOS page can be viewed below:

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Took 'em long enough. Maybe now I can finally play this confusing game...

Muy bien! :D

Oh, so that's why they gave me 3000 Jewels, bless you Square Enix, bless you.


But too late, I already got the game in my hands.

better late than never

2 years. 2 FRIGGIN YEARS complaining, almost every day. and of course they have to do that after ExSephiroth.
Also, now i don't have idea why i can't buy jewels in MX$$ i uninstalled and reinstalled it from playst
ore mx and still charging me in USD.
I even deleted mYMy US account from my cellphone and still charge me in USd... any idea why¿?

Anyway, I am so happy about this. finally my F2p account can stop being f2p. xD