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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts TV show pitch put forward by drawer Seth Kearsley

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Kingdom Hearts TV show pitch put forward by drawer Seth Kearsley

Less than a few hours ago, Seth Kearsley had stated in a post on his Twitter feed that he had exchanged emails and opened up a dialog that would allow him to pitch a do-over regarding a Kingdom Hearts animated television series.

Emails have been exchanged. Dialog has at least been started. Pitching a do-over with the current skill set. #kingdomhearts

No further details have been stated, though this is not the first time this particular animated Kingdom Hearts TV show had been proposed. For those who are unaware, Seth Kearsley had been approached shortly after Kingdom Hearts was released about creating an animated television series based off of it and this is a revival of that very same project, though whether or not it will have the same worlds, the same style or even the same game is uncertain.

UPDATE: According to Seth Kearsley's latest tweets, he is still not sure if Disney will allow this project or not, but the talks for it have already begun. He also mentioned that the project would be an anime developed by Mir Studios with the Disney characters in cartoon style and developed by an external studio and it would take place in an alternate timeline from the games, but following the overall plot from them. This project would be aired after Kingdom Hearts III releases, according to Seth Kearsley's answer on Twitter. Keep in mind, however, that these are just Seth's thoughts and expectations about the project; nothing has currently been set in stone.

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited about the prospect of a Kingdom Hearts animated series? Let us know in the comments below!

If this does happen, they should base it off of the manga.



If this does happen, they should base it off of the manga.

I reckon the manga, video games and give it some of its own twists just to make it unique.
It will be hilarious to see scenes like this too

I'm honestly excited if this finally works.


The one thing I am cautious about is how'll they'll handle it. Will it be a faithful adaptation of the games? Or, will it be a lot like the older Toon Disney shows based on the other movies back then? Or, would they even dare to make it a goofy spoof like CN does with PPG and TTG?


These are concerns that I have for shows like this that have a cult following.


You can either appeal to the fans of the series, or you can try to get new people by changing way too much at once.

Well there goes my hopes to making my own KH Series... anyway people woulden´t like it since people don´t like some comedic stuff in a "serious" franchise.


Good for him, but i still want to see that old pilot.

Honestly, as long as it's not a shot-for-shot interpretation of the games, I'll be in. We've rehashed those plotlines enough.
Stubborn man. Nevertheless it luck.))

Oh god yes please let this happen! <3


If it breaks through, I hope that they take it seriously and keep it mostly faithful to the games, with some tidbits here and there inspired by the manga and the original Disney movies themselves to improve the narrative and in-between moments that would have normally been up to gameplay to fill up.


And by "take it seriously" I mean be smart with it. Of course I still want comedy to be in there, it's a freaking Disney product, I just want it to be handled with the same amount of care and respect I would expect from the creators of shows like Avatar or Steven Universe, and not turned into some kind of lazy laugh-a-minute fest with low-brow humor like Teen Titans GO is known for. It's not supposed to be witty, snarky, or ROFL hilarious, it's supposed to be a lighthearted magical adventure with plenty of funny and serious moments at every turn.


At the same time though, I'm not expecting it to be a an edge-fest like Naruto or Bleach. I kid of course, those two do have lots of humorous moments, I just mean that I'm not expecting the heaviness to be that heavy. Just, heavy enough for Kingdom Hearts...if that makes any sense.


I'm also really hoping it isn't in CG. I mean, yeah the series has always been a video game, we're used to seeing these worlds in 3 dimensions, but I feel like it'd really pay off better if they went with a more traditional 2D approach. Though I am concerned that that would mean relying on more digital means like Flash-style shows, but then again more modern stuff like Korra and SU use digital art as most of their medium, so hopefully that same level of care would be put towards this. Plus, I REALLY don't want to have to put up with whatever cheap models and backgrounds they would end up using, cause you know how CG cartoons are budgeted these days.


And of course I'd love most, if not all, of the game cast to reprise their roles for this series. I mean, that would largely depend on their availability and contracts and other factors that end up complicating things, but I honestly can't picture anybody else voicing all of these iconic characters. Disney voice talent will always get tossed around, but I still hope that the human characters would still be portrayed by their game counterparts.


But most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, let Nomura be involved as a creative consultant, AT LEAST. I wouldn't think he'd have to be involved too heavily since this would be based off of work he's already done, but it would be reassuring to know that he's involved to a degree similar to how Toriyama is involved with Dragon Ball's animes, especially with Super. But hey, he may not even think he'd have to be that involved, just as long as he isn't barred altogether.


But of course, this all hinges on whether or not Disney would finally approve this. Here's hoping that we'll get our wish. <3

i'll be genuinely surprised if it turns out to be good. 


i just get the feeling something is going to be lacking here, whether its the animation looking cheap, the adaptation of the story....it's going to feel like wasted potential...


i wouldn't mind being proven wrong though.

So long as it's not the same plot, with nothing changed, bring it. Humor worked in the manga, so a slap stick approach wouldn't upset me personally, but I don't know how it'd pan out in the long run.

On the other hand, an original character-filled mess, dumbed down for kids, isn't what I'd like to see... 

Hopefully, if this gets off the ground, it'll be something like the newer sequel shows Disney does, and occur sometime after the games. Hoping to see everything in the games in this show is setting yourself up for disappointment, but, I don't know.. some sort of show with new Heartless attacks each episode, and a linear story approach? Just classic Sora Battling Heartless is the Disney Worlds, basically. 

Have to see what the future holds, I suppose. 

Well, that would certainly bring some new life to the franchise. KH is popular, but it seems to me like most people who are into it have been for years, so a cartoon would probably be able to get the attention of people who are kids like a lot of us used to be when we got into it.

The pilot for the old series sounded pretty good, the whole Agrabah storyline, and it seems they wanted to put their own spin on things instead of just adapting the games. Hope if this goes forward they keep doing their own thing, Kingdom Hearts doesn't need a TV adaptation.

That would likely be a DXD show, so that should be fun as well. DXD IS the channel of some of my favorite cartoons, and I trust the Disney casting department a lot, so we would probably get decent VAs and voice direcion, something the games do not have.

I honestly can't decide if this is something Disney would go for at this point. There are certainly aspects that would be appealing to them, but is it worth both the time and money to invest in?

When looking at the video game landscape (not just the KH fanbase), it's a risky venture. Across the board people mainly like the game play of KH games, which would obviously be lost in a TV show. People also like the interaction between Disney and Final Fantasy characters, which shouldn't be a problem.

The main problem of the KH series, the reason why so many people left the series, and the reason the series is almost a joke to the video game industry, is the story. I'm a longtime KH fan and I love the story (warts and all), but if I hadn't been following the series through the years, I would be extremely hesitant to jump in. To that end, I would like Nomura to be a consultant, but keep him as far away from this series as possible.

I'm still not sure whether this would work or not. No offense, but I feel it's a bit weird to suddenly bring up a topic that's been burried for such a long time. I cannot help but think that some people have caught on that KH is more popular than they thought and now they want to revive the idea to make money with a half-baked idea. I'm not accusing them of anything, it just strikes me as strange. Sure, it can be the opposite and he just loves Kingdom Hearts so much he had to do it after all.
Nothing against Kearsley himself, but the things he worked on did not impress me at all and make me wonder if he can catch the essence of Kingdom Hearts at all.

As I said before, I have the distinct impression that this will become anything but Kingdom Hearts. Especially if Disney will do its own thing. As of now, I feel like the animation style in itself will be quite the contrast to what people expect. This will not look like an anime and I feel like it would not turn out like classic Disney movies and their respective series.

Then there's the thing about the story. I honestly doubt that they will really take the games into account. Of course we don't need another retelling of the story, but what else would be good? Honestly, I don't know, but having another uncanon series feels like a waste of time. It will likely become their impression of Kingdom Hearts and will likely not contain that much depth if they don't have people who know their stuff in the team. And we see what this leads to when watching some of IGN's videos on KH.

I'm not trying to be overly pessimistic, but Disney was never involved much in the story of KH. They gave their consent for what it became and made it a few adjustments they did not like but Nomura and his team were basically responsible for everything else. If there should ever be an animation, I think it should be under their guidance and not Disney messing with a franchise they own but have no extensive involvement in, apart from having the final say. I like Disney, but they're best when they stay in their field of expertise and create the works they actually developed.

For now, I'm going to remain adversed to it until proven wrong.

I really want this show to go through. Even if it'll suck, just the fact that it's KH alone makes it really awesome. I really appreciate Mr. Kearsley for doing all of this.

Honestly? Not particularly excited. I prefer the situation right where it is now; Disney allows permission for using their works as a sort of background, but Square does the heavy lifting where it actually matters. I got into this series because of the original content anyway, not Disney or even FF.

I am both excited and worried. 

Not sure if it wil work. But if they will do it, I will be super excited about it! :)

Kingdom Hearts is more popular now than it ever has been. I'm pretty confident that this second attempt will land :D

And as for quality...
If it's on Disney Channel, it'll be either decent or bad.
If it's on Disney X D, it'll be good!

Or it'll start on Disney Channel, then migrate to X D, like Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb.

Editors Note: I space out X D because if I don't, this happens : xD

Ooh good he is brining the unaired Episode online that is good:)
Edit: please Disney I want to see it

So Drawer Seth Kearsley better play every single Kingdom Hearts game.

He clearly wants to make the show again I hope he played KH1 again if he came up with that idea and perhaps every single Kingdom Hearts game in existence

Edit: Perhaps he just got nostalgic without playing the game again and cancels it after playing it and thinks it wasn't as good as I remember

I sure hope that's not the case. KH, though flawed, was a really great game. It has that PS2 polish that I miss about modern, more realistic art styles. It had a cast of characters and villains that had yet to be truly developed.

well I have to think about christopher Nolan who before making his batman movies read every single issue(or  the most important ones atleast) before starting to writte the story. I mean its not rocket science to conclude that it is a good Idea to actually look into the stuff you want to make an adaptation about. An idea the people who made the dragonball movie for exampel clearly didnt consider

I reckon the manga, video games and give it some of its own twists just to make it unique.
It will be hilarious to see scenes like this too

I love this idea.Lets make it happen <3

Well, this is certainly some very interesting news! Thank you for showing this to us, Nero!


Wow, so the fact that Mr. Kearsley has put this in motion and that there are considerations for the show to be done is an exciting prospect! Whatever happens, I just hope that it doesn't end up being anything bad! I really hope that Seth and Disney give love to the property and do Kingdom Hearts justice! If it clicks and it ends up being a success, then Kingdom Hearts will have even more popularity going for it, and it'll get even more recognized by the world! 


This is an exciting time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan! :D

I think ratings would be crap, it's a video game not a TV series. There's never been a big demand for it.

UPDATE: Okay, REALLY REALLY hope that this gets greenlit, because if Kearsley's latest comments are anything to go by, he's definitely got the right idea in mind for how to handle this series. Anime with Disney characters still in their iconic cartoon style? YES! Set in an alternate timeline that still mostly follows the main plots of each of the games? YES YES!! Would be set to air after KH3's eventual release? YES YES YES!!!


Oh my gods Disney, PLLLLEEEEEEEEEASE make this happen! It would literally be the best thing you've ever done, it would be 10X more successful than Frozen, I am not even kidding!


Please let dreams come true, just this once. I can live without seeing Galactic Kids Next Door or Danny Phantom 10 Years Later happening, as long as I can at least see THIS happen. T3T <3 <3 <3

If this does get greenlit, that would be so cool.

Imagine if each season of it would be the plot of each game? Like season one would obviously be KH1, season two would be CoM, season three would be KH2, etc.