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  1. Article: Funko has revealed Kingdom Hearts Plushies at Toy Fair NY, will be available later this year

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    I would honestly give breath of the wild an 8 out of 10.I know it's a good game and it's my favorite zelda game now, but I honestly think the game is overrated.

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    Ugh, The Last Jedi footage was shown at CinemaCon but it's not being released to the public... I really hope this means that we'll get a trailer soon.

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Funko has revealed Kingdom Hearts Plushies at Toy Fair NY, will be available later this year

Funko has announced that Kingdom Hearts plushies have been revealed at Toy Fair NY and will be available for purchase later this year. So far only the conceptual art of the plushies have been released, including that of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. It is uncertain whether there will be more characters available upon the official release of these plushies. Stay tuned for further updates and information.

You can check out the conceptual art of the Kingdom Hearts plushies below:

KingdomHearts Donald Plush Watermarked large KingdomHearts Goofy Plush Watermarked large KingdomHearts Mickey Plush Watermarked large

UPDATE 1: A photo was released by Funko that shows off the three plush characters as well as the previously mentioned Funko Pop figures.

UPDATE 2: Two more photos were released by Funko that show closer looks at the three plush characters. View these photos as well as the photo from Update 1 below:

Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush Photo Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush Photo 2 Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush Photo 3

UPDATE 3: A bunch more photos were released by KHInsider and Disney Dan. It included photos of both the plushies and the previously mentioned Funko Pop figures. A video has also been released. View the photos below:

Funk TF 1 Funk TF 2 Funko TF 3 Funko TF 4 Funko TF 5 Funko TF 6 Funko TF 7 Funko TF 8 Funko TF 9

View the video by Disney Dan here:

Are you going to be adding these Kingdom Hearts plushies to your collection? Which characters are you hoping will be revealed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Oh my, a Sora and Roxas plushie... that would be so freaking cool! :O

All I would want is an Axel plushie. And a Sora one. And Roxas. And Terra, and Aqua, and Ventus. And maybe ALL of them. :)

wonder why Sora keeps getting the shaft from Funko




Other than that, the KH stuff and everything else looks nice!

Thank you for showing this to us, Mystics!


Well, so it seems that these Funko Plushies shall be released to the world in due time! They look absolutely delightful! If I could, I'd love to get the chance to obtain said plushies!


Wow, so much merch has been announced in these past couple of days! Pretty insane! :D

I'm already happy with my 4 Kairi plushies, thank you very much xD
Wish they made KH2 Kairi plushies. Then I'd have to up my collection!

These are adorable!