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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai prototype figures shown at Tokyo Game Show 2015

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      24 Apr

    Final Fantasy VII Remake's development cycle is so weird... Last year they said the voice acting was almost complete and that some parts were further along than KHIII, this year they put up job listings for "core members" and they brought the game in-house towards the end of 2017. What is going on?

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      24 Apr

    I'm calling it. Kingdom Hearts 3 IS going to have a playable demo at e3 this year. There's no way SE would miss the opportunity to not showcase the game at the event. Furthermore, people are currently getting selected to play kingdom hearts 3 early and all of them are going to e3

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Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai prototype figures shown at Tokyo Game Show 2015

During San Diego Comic-Con 2015, prototypes for new Play Arts Kai action figures of characters in the Kingdom Hearts series were shown. These same prototype figures shown at San Diego Comic-Con have also appeared at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Figures include Halloween Town Sora with an interchangeable pumpkin mask, Kingdom Hearts II Riku, and Kingdom Hearts II Final Form Sora which will be available for purchase at D23 Expo Japan in very limited quantities. You can view them below thanks to @churroz and @M_Alloc.


Do you plan on purchasing these figures upon release? Let us know in the comments!

Well it's about time a KH 2 Riku was done! Looks like I might actually buy this.

I always wondered why they always released a bunch of FF play Arts but never saw KH ones. Hope we start seeing a bunch more of these guys!