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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - album up for pre-order; releasing April 14, 2017

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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - album up for pre-order; releasing April 14, 2017

Square Enix have announced that the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - album is now available for pre-order on the Square Enix Japan E-Store. It will be available on the E-Store for a limited time only. The album will release on April 14, 2017.

The album was previously announced to be amongst merchandise merchandise exclusive to the events, along with the concert guide, Keyblade baton, and Kingdom Hearts Orchestra t-shirt, wallet, and purse.

The Square Enix E-Store also features the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - T-shirt and purse among recommended items, with a listed release date of May 8, 2017. However, clicking on them leads to an error page.

Screen Shot 2017 03 13 At 03.50.44 Screen Shot 2017 03 13 At 03.50.58 Screen Shot 2017 03 13 At 03.51.09

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - officially began on March 10, 2017, with its first show in Tokyo, Japan. Check out the upcoming show dates and locations here!

Will you be attending any of the shows? If you're attending the London show on March 24th, don't forget to come to our pre-concert #KH13MeetUp!

Bring those to the US shop and I'm all up ons.
Seems a bit expensive when you only get 13 tracks

i will get this...somehow

Dammit.square why must you drain my pockets so much?

I think I'll go now for the t-shirt, Keyblade baton, wallet and purse.

I'll think for the album.

Seems a bit expensive when you only get 13 tracks


Welcome to the world of physical releases for Japanese music where albums typically cost 3,000 yen. That is actually a standard price for a Japanese album. The price of our North American CDs can afford us a physical single release at regular price. 


Meh, I just got it through Buyee auctions for a bit of a premium, but it'll prly come out the same if I got the album via a buying service, since the SE store in Japan only takes Japanese credit cards so I wouldn't have any luck getting it at regular price anyways. Based on the previews I heard the other day, this album is a beautiful listen. I wish the tour went to more North American stops though...

Am I correct in thinking that this is the same album that is available at the Concerts ?