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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts no-show socks now available at Hot Topic

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Kingdom Hearts no-show socks now available at Hot Topic

Five pairs of no-show Kingdom Hearts socks have recently been made available to purchase at Hot Topic. The socks feature the characters Sora, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, as well as the iconic Kingdom Hearts heart emblem. You can purchase them for $14.90 USD (currently $11.92 USD because of a 20% off select sale) on the official Hot Topic website or in Hot Topic stores.

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These socks have the sock size 9 - 11, and they fit the men's shoe size 5 - 8 and the women's shoe size 5 - 10. They're made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and should be washed on cold and dried on low heat.

The hell is a no-show sock? Is that what they call ankle socks? Everybody should just get a 24-pack of white full length socks from Costco like I do and quit with their fancy footwear!

Man.... I would totally get those socks from Hot Freaking Topic! I haven't been there in so long! 

Ooh, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Elfdemon!


I got three pairs of no-shows myself! One pair has Sora, the other Mickey, and the other a Shadow Heartless! I can't believe Hot Topic's gonna distribute these KH no-show socks! That's awesome! I should get me those! X_X