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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Mid-April merchandise round-up: hoodies, Minimates, Nano Metal figures, and more

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Kingdom Hearts Mid-April merchandise round-up: hoodies, Minimates, Nano Metal figures, and more

New Kingdom Hearts merchandise has been revealed in the past two weeks. You can view them in the gallery below!

Hot Topic KH Hoodie Backside Hot Topic KH Hoodie Frontside Hot Topic KH Hoodie Sideview BoxLunch KH Necklace BoxLunch Keyblade Socks Frontside BoxLunch Keyblade Socks Backside Minimates KH2 Series 2 Headshots Minimates KH2 Series 2

The first item is from Hot Topic. It is a black hoodie with the Crown Hearts logo on the front and a circular logo of Mickey Mouse and the title of Kingdom Hearts. The hoodie also has patches on the right sleeve. It is available for the price range of $44.90 - $46.90. Price range varies on size

The second item is an exclusive Kingdom Hearts charm necklace from BoxLunch. It is gold and silver plated. It is now available for $18.90!

The next item is another BoxLunch exclusive. They are Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Crew Socks. The socks are in black and white and feature various keyblades from Kingdom Hearts II. They are available for $9.90!

Available now for pre-order is the new set of Kingdom Hearts Minimates, from Diamond Select Toys. The new set is a part of their Series 2 collection and will comprise of three 2-packs. The 2-packs will have Organization XIII Mickey with a Heartless Soldier, Master Form Sora with Pete, and Space Paranoids Goofy with Sark. They can be pre-ordered for $27.99!

Also revealed back in February 2018, Jada Toys displayed their new line of Kingdom Hearts Nano Metal Figures at the Toy Fair New York.

Jeremy Konrad from Bleeding Cool reported on the figures from Jada Toys, but stated that the Kingdom Hearts line was not allowed to be photographed at the time. We confirmed with a Gamestop representative on the phone that the figures are going to be in 20-packs and are available for pre-order in-store, for now. The price was stated to be $24.99 and will be available in October 2018!

Below is an example of Nano Metal Figures. The Kingdom Hearts line is expected to be similar in style.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Gamestop also informed us that the Kingdom Hearts II Series 1 figures from Diamond Select Toys are in clearance with 30% off both online and in-stores! The figures can be viewed below

King Mickey & Dusk Axel & Shadow Sora & Soldier Valor Sora & Soldier

Are you going to buy any products? What do you think of the Mickey version of Dive to the Heart on the Hot Topic hoodie? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for showing this to us, Overshot!


SO MUCH MERCHANDISE!!!! GAHHH, SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM!!!! I think what has my attention the most is the hoodie and the Nano Metal Figures! :D