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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts merchandise being sold at Square Enix's Jump Festa 2017 booth

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Kingdom Hearts merchandise being sold at Square Enix's Jump Festa 2017 booth

Square Enix is selling a variety of merchandise at their booth at Jump Festa 2017, many of which relate to the Kingdom Hearts series. These products are listed on two pages, and include keychains, plush toys, and music discs, among others. All of these products have previously been announced and released, but Square Enix may have new products on sale at some point during the event.

The Kingdom Hearts products that Square Enix is selling are listed below.

Physical merchandise

Kingdom Key keychain
Kingdom Key D keychain
Oblivion keychain
Oathkeeper keychain
Lea's Keyblade keychain
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X smartphone case
Shadow Heartless plush
Chirithy plush
Flood Unversed plush
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue wall scroll

Music soundtracks

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection -Melodies & Memories-

Do you have any of this merchandise? If you are attending Jump Festa, will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments!

Dang it, just release that smartphone case overseas already Square Enix! My phone needs to be covered in Kingdom Hearts, that's the rule for all of my KH-supporting consoles! >3<" <3