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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on Playstation Live at E3 2018 on Tuesday

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      20 Jun

    Has anyone else had the issue of returning to a game and finding it harder to beat then you remember? Cause thats what is happening with me and fire emblem Fates...

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      20 Jun
    Josh Sanders

    i been thinking a lot and there is theory that is possible to bring Aqua back but going through a lot lines back in 2.8 when aqua mention there a crack in her heart that possibility that could lead but there is no explanation when Xehanort went back in time when she was trap in the realm of darkness at the very end of when she met Ansem the wise that lead to when she was stuck for so long in 10 yrs. think back before dream drop distance young xehanort time travel back to make aqua vessel of d...

Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on Playstation Live at E3 2018 on Tuesday

PlayStation has revealed their lineup for PlayStation Live at E3 2018. Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on Tuesday, June 12th at 2:15 PM PDT. You can watch it on live.playstation.com.

Posted Image
Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and the Pirates of the Carribean trailer!

Check out our coverage for Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018 and keep an eye on our Twitter for our live updates!

There's more?! We need more time to recover! Lol 

Yes that's true I have heard that BH6 was coming!

What a great time to be alive!

Do we ever get a break ?

Oh my gawd! You mean there's more?! They are spoiling us! Have I died and gone to heaven?! THANK YOU, SQUARE!

Just bring it on! Don't stop.

So I am really excited about this, I'm just starting to worry about how kuch more they'll havr left to share over the next 6 months. Id this pace of news is what we can expect then hell yeah, bring it on! But I really don't want to be left in the dark for 6 months until release with one or two new tidbits along the way.

Well, no new trailer today.

So, I suppose that is that, huh, Nomura-San?

FFXV -- ''Royal Edition''_30-1.png

Thanks for sharing this with us, Leamax! :)


By any chance, was the video I saw yesterday about the people talking and discussing about Kingdom Hearts III the one that was featured at Playstation Live? Cuz if it is, then I definitely watched it, cuz I was with my best friend/soul brother Jonathan, watching the video! :)