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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts III PSN Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed!

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      20 Aug

    Just had a dream that there were some KH3 trailer leak at Gamescom xD. It was recorded with a phone and then I spent much time trying to find it again. When I finally did to watch it again, I wake up though. I don't remember what was in the trailer I dreamt...just some random KH things I guess

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  • Photo
      20 Aug
    Tyranto Rex

    I really hope Hercules isn't the only traditionally animated movie featured in KH3. Like I understand them really wanting to do cgi films due to them wanting to show off the graphics, but what better why to do that then showing what you can do with converting the 2d films into 3d?

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      20 Aug

    Any ideas on how to fix an inhability to sleep? Im open to suggestions.

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Kingdom Hearts III PSN Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed!

Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonuses on the Playstation Store have been revealed. If you digitally pre-order Kingdom Hearts III, you will recieve the "Impossible Odds" and "Star Seeker Variant" Themes. You will receive them after check out.

PSN Pre-Order Themes

Will you be pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III? If yes, what edition? Let us know!

Is Star Seeker Variant going to be a pre order bonus keyblade?

So dlc Keyblades confirmed? 

Also, is this not applicable for those pre-ordering the ps4 deluxe edition? Because I really want the kh3 art book, but if this pre-order is offering ingame content, I may reconsider.

So about the keyblade. It appears Star Seeker might be a normal keyblade in game but if you pre-order you get a recolored version in the console's color with PS4 getting a dark blue variant and XBOX getting a black and green variant.

Do we know if it's possible to pre-order the digital version, cancel the pre-order, and keep the bonuses? I'm getting a physical copy but don't want to miss out on the theme.