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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII Roxas Play Arts Kai now available on the NA Square Enix Store, releasing at the End of May, 2017 in North America

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      21 Feb

    I really hate Xion she is the second main character with Roxas in 358/2 days but she has the Story Roxas should have, she has less screentime than him I believe and she does more than he did even Axel knew more than Roxas.

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      20 Feb

    I hope kingdom hearts 3 doesnt include plot elements from union x, because i dont really plan on getting the game.

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      20 Feb
    sora x kairi

    Just a bit of an update I guess. I'm not a 100% back online I will log on maybe once a few months as I have been doing recently I may come back on perminately but I won't make a regular thing of it due to college and my own personal life problems which I've had for a few years but I will hopefully fully return one day but I ain't counting on it. If you wish to contact me but don't know where else to contact me text me via Facebook my user is Sara Brookshaw. It has a pictur...

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Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII Roxas Play Arts Kai now available on the NA Square Enix Store, releasing at the End of May, 2017 in North America

After appearing on AmiAmi on October 8, 2016, showing a February 2017 release date in Japan, Square Enix has updated their North American online store with the Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII Roxas Play Arts Kai. The Play Arts Kai is scheduled for an End of May 2017 release in North America, and cost $120 USD on the Square Enix North American store.

You can read the description, as well as some looks of the Play Arts Kai below.

His face is somber and hints at the shadows lurking in his past. Roxas' background is evident through the details of this figure, rendered in stunning dimension.

The long coat, symbolic of Organization XIII, employs joint structures that allow a wide range of movement, enabling many poses from the story of KINGDOM HEARTS II to be reproduced. Two Keyblades, "Oathkeeper" and "Oblivion," are included for dual-wielding poses.

The stark black coat is colored with shadows and highlights to add a dynamic element to his costume. Meticulous attention has been given to the coloring of the hair and eyes, bringing this Roxas even closer to realizing his exact in-game appearance as a 3D figure.

Figure includes exchangeable hand parts and display stand.

Figure Size (inches): W 3.74” x D 2.6” x H 8.8”

Release: End of May 2017

FIGURE 023295 02 FIGURE 023295 03 FIGURE 023295 01 FIGURE 023295 04 FIGURE 023295 05 FIGURE 023295 06 FIGURE 023295 07 FIGURE 023295 08

This looks amazing. Now we just need a Ventus Play Arts Kai figure...