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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts II Goofy S.H.Figuarts figure to release on April 21, 2018

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Kingdom Hearts II Goofy S.H.Figuarts figure to release on April 21, 2018

Goofy joins the fight! Bandai’s Tamashii Nations has provided an update on their Kingdom Hearts II Goofy S.H.Figuarts figure with a release date of April 21, 2018! Retail cost of the figure will be ¥5,940 (55.30 USD). The set will included various facial expressions, additional hand poses, and Goofy's iconic Knight's Shield! Goofy joins Sora, Donald, and King Mickey in the S.H.Figuarts collection!

You can pre-order Goofy S.H. Figuarts figure at AmiAmi!

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Daaaang, these look amazing! Thanks for showing this to us, Maresalis! Also, I see that you're new to the forum here, so welcome! I hope you enjoy being a member of this wonderful and amazing site that is KH13! :D


Wow, Goofy looks so accurate to his Kingdom Hearts counterpart, it's pretty darn uncanny! I'd love to get me this Goofy and Donald to add to my KH figurine collection! :D

Thanks! I look forward to contributing more to the community!