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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX launch trailer released, titled "Inside the Kingdom, with Heart"

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      16 Jul

    I’m glad we didn’t get another Waluigi situation where people harass Nomura for adding the Caribbean instead of Treasure Planet.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX launch trailer released, titled "Inside the Kingdom, with Heart"

Square Enix has released the International launch trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. This trailer titled "Inside the Kingdom, with Heart", "highlights the emotions that are evoked through the Kingdom Hearts franchise". The trailer features footage of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in 1080p, people from North America and Europe sharing their personal experiences with the Kingdom Hearts series, and the Japanese development staff reacting to this footage. You can view the new trailer below!

You can view all trailers, commercials and promotional videos for the English version of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in our trailer archive.

Update: Square Enix Europe has revealed that the secret project back in October at Disneyland Paris was for this launch trailer. They have also posted some behind the scenes photos from the event, you can view them below.

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Amazing love for Kingdom Hearts shown by fans in this trailer! Just 2 more days for Europe and I'll have the game. :D

This just put a big smile on my face :biggrin:  Makes me wish I was there with them

Proof that games actually do connect people .

The feels T__T

It was so good to see the dev team together.


Also: KEYBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

A newcomer I am. Touched I was.

This is uplifting! And eye-opening.
This was a good trailer! I'm glad everyone had a great time :)

Best KH trailer ever. Really well done!!

This week has started out terrible for me, but seeing this--SEEING THIS really cheered me up. It's so heartwarming seeing the fans that got out there and the developers's reaction.  


It makes me wish be there someday. If they did do another one of these special gatherings. 

This was a really beautifully done trailer.  I knew that the Kingdom Hearts series was special  already, but seeing the happy faces and the reactions of people to the series really made me smile to no end!  The Kingdom Hearts series has impacted many lives, and it's the type of series that really connects with people!  And seeing the developers reactions to the fans comments really warmed my heart!  I'm glad that they can see just how much Kingdom Hearts means to all of us!  I just wish I could have been at that launch event to speak about my experience with Kingdom Hearts, but anyways, this was still an excellent trailer!  The hype is real, people! The Kingdom Hearts fanbase is stronger than ever! Thanks for everything Nomura and friends! :D

Seeing this trailer reminds me of the first time I finished 358/2 days (my first KH game), I felt so happy but also emotional because that was the first time I ever beaten a game that had a character die in the end (My collection of video games were only Nintendo and this was the first time that it wasn't Nintendo or SEGA). Ever since then, I try to get all of the Kingdom Hearts games since there's so much to it besides the cute and colorful characters that make you laugh. And KH also introduced me to Final Fantasy series (with my Dad of course), without Kingdom Hearts, life is full of Nothing.To the Kingdom Hearts Team: Thank you so much for making a beautiful series that opened up many opportunities in my life (video games, music, friends so on!). DOMO ARIGATOU!! ^-^^-^^-^^-^!!

I died when they said, "Got it memorized?" I laughed so hard and had to stop the video! I loved it! I so wish I could've got the chance to be there in person with them.