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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts BOND, AIR, and COMING mugs and bags are available for pre-order; releasing September 23, 2017

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      26 Sep

    I don't know why people think "Blaine" was a fan mistranslation. If anything, "Brain" was an SENA mistranslation. The "l" is replace with "r" in Japanese-spoken English words because that's the style. If the original was "Bu-rain-u" or something like that, then it would be natural that the English translation was "Blaine". Again, "Brain" was probably another SENA translation error (right Roxas).

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Kingdom Hearts BOND, AIR, and COMING mugs and bags are available for pre-order; releasing September 23, 2017

Kingdom Hearts mugs and bags are now available to pre-order through the Japanese Square Enix E-Store. They will be releasing on September 23, 2017.

The artwork on them, titled "BOND", "AIR", and "COMING" was first used for special acrylic stands that were originally pre-order bonuses for whoever in Japan pre-ordered a physical copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and were later made available for the public to purchase on the Square Enix E-Store.

Now, this artwork is being featured on three different mugs and three different bags. You can pre-order the BOND mug here, the AIR mug here, and the COMING mug here. You can also pre-order the BOND bag here, the AIR bag here, and the COMING bag here.

You can view photos of the mugs and bags in the gallery below:

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