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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection releasing October 7, 2017; pre-orders now available

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Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection releasing October 7, 2017; pre-orders now available

CaféReo has revealed various Kingdom Hearts badges in a collection that's appropriately named the "Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection." They are in the iconic stained glass designs, and they will be releasing in October 2017 for Japan. Each individual badge will be available to purchase for 600 yen ($5.46 USD), and you can purchase all 13 of the badges in a box set for 7,800 yen ($70.93 USD).

When it launches, it will be available to purchase at the official online CaféReo Partner Shop, nationwide anime goods and hobby shops, mass retailers, and major online shops.

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The badges are approximately 75 x 75mm each.

Recently, Kingdom Hearts acrylic charms and badges have been announced for pre-order on AmiAmi. You can check those out here.

Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

UPDATE 1: The Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection is now available to pre-order on the official Japanese Square Enix e-Store for 8,424 yen ($77.12 USD). It'll be released on October 7, 2017.

UPDATE 2: A sample exhibition of the Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection will be on display at Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise in Tokyo, Japan in October. Two new photos of the collection of badges, one of which is a photo of the sample exhibition, have also been released by the official Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise Twitter account. View them in the gallery with the other photos above.

That's pretty awesome. Also, will I be able to get in the Pokemon League with these Kingdom Hearts badges?

Now this is merchandise that I'm interested in!

Thanks for showing this to us, Elfdemon!


Dang, these badges look amazing! I'd love to get my hands on them sometime! They look like very beautiful collectibles! X_X

Its a little pricey....don't you think?