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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts and Disney mouse pads by Ingrem have been released for purchase on Gain Garage

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      21 Feb

    Had a dream where KH3 was announced to release on November 15th and I broke down into tears of happiness from the news. I think my brain is forewarning me of my reaction when the release date gets announced xD

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      21 Feb

    I really hate Xion she is the second main character with Roxas in 358/2 days but she has the Story Roxas should have, she has less screentime than him I believe and she does more than he did even Axel knew more than Roxas.

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Kingdom Hearts and Disney mouse pads by Ingrem have been released for purchase on Gain Garage

Dtimes has recently revealed that Disney and Kingdom Hearts mouse pads, manufactured by Ingrem, have been made available to purchase on Gain Garage. There are two Kingdom Hearts mouse pads and two Disney mouse pads, making four mouse pads in total.

The Kingdom Hearts mouse pads feature the two designs of a Sora and Mickey Mouse silhouette design and a Sora stained glass design. Both are on black colored mouse pads. The Disney mouse pads have two designs that feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse. One of them is on a black colored mouse pad and one of them is on a red colored mouse pad.

You can purchase the Sora and Mickey silhouette mouse pad here, the Sora stained glass mouse pad here, the Mickey and Minnie red mouse pad here, and the Mickey and Minnie black mouse pad here. They are available for 1,922 yen ($17.57 USD) each.

Check out photos of the mouse pads in the gallery below:

1 2 3 5 4 7 6 10 9 8

Nice! Thanks for letting us know about this, Elfdemon!


These mouse pads look really nice! That's some quality looking material right there! :D

I  could use a new pad looking at it now it looks like I drove over it with my car

Do they ship to the US?