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  1. Article: KH13's 2017 Kingdom Hearts Re:CAP

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    So we are a few weeks away from E3 and the KH orchestra event. I just want to warn everyone to take all these so called “leaks” with a grain of salt, whether they are written or videos, until Square Enix comes forward themselves. We all know there are some who like to claim they obtained something that hasn’t been confirmed yet and will put it out there or claim they are at some KH event where they can’t record and have to put the phone away after mere seconds. Be vigilant my friends.

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    Who will win? A entire community who loves a video game OR an overpriced console

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KH13's 2017 Kingdom Hearts Re:CAP

Today’s the day! We have finally published KH13’s 2017 Kingdom Hearts Re:CAP, a video summarising all the Kingdom Hearts highlights of 2017!

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! Please share with the hashtag #KH13ReCAP, and let us know what you think.

Please note:
  • This video may contain spoilers for those who are not up to date with the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ. To avoid these spoilers, skip the following times: 31:23 to 32:47.
  • It also shows the two screenshots from the recent Kingdom Hearts III leak; however, there is a spoiler warning within the video before these are shown.
  • 42:30 to 42:44 - We mentioned the 10th of February for the D23 Expo Japan Kingdom Hearts Event, but visually we accidentally wrote the "15th" when it's really the 10th.

<3 <3 <3


Written & created by Andrew Hankinson

Co-written by Charriii5 & Toominator

Narrated by Toominator!

New theme music created by Project Destati

Animations by Andrew Hankinson

Footage sourced by faemarch, Leamax, WakelessDream & Everglow

Trailer reactions by:




Athens THID




Music provided by:

Project Destati


Hollow Riku




The Team Players

Brandon Skelton

Brian Noel


Brent Shredz

<3 <3 <3

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This video was so cool! Awesome job to everyone involved, and here’s to a good 2018! :D
This is so well done. I’m kinda sad I didn’t have a part in this lol.