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  1. Article: Interview with Tetsuya Nomura about his cats; Kingdom Hearts III to feature an element based on “Deshi” the cat

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Interview with Tetsuya Nomura about his cats; Kingdom Hearts III to feature an element based on “Deshi” the cat

On February 22nd, Famitsu released interviews with game developers and their pet cats in celebration of Cat Day. Tetsuya Nomura, series director for Kingdom Hearts III, was one of the developers featured. He spoke about how he interacts with his cats and how they have influenced the development of Kingdom Hearts III.

You can see a scan of the original article below.


Here is the translation of the article, provided by KH13 Staff members Mio-chan and NihonScribe; special thanks to Keytotruth for the additional help.

Square Enix: Tetsuya Nomura
[Profile and newest projects]

  • Nomura is working as the director of the Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy VII Remake. As for his current work on Kingdom Hearts III, a new world was introduced and the decisive battle between Sora and Xehanort is near.
Kingdom Hearts III: Planned this year for PS4/Xbox One
  • Sora's form changes based on the world he’s in. Within the world of "Monsters, Inc." Sora changes into a catlike monster?! More details on page 40!
About the Cats:

Name: Hisho (*pseudonym)
Cat Breed: Scottish Fold
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Female

Name: Deshi (*pseudonym)
Cat Breed: Scottish Fold
Age: 4 years and 2 months old
Sex: Male

*Hisho and Deshi respectively mean “secretary” and “apprentice”.

[Why did you decided to get them?]

“Originally, our family love cats and dogs, and we kept them without moderation in the house. So when I was depressed someone recommend me to get cats.”

[Who is Deshi and Hisho for you?]

"Here are Deshi and Hisho. Deshi is taking after me more and more. Hisho will immediately detect anything strange in the room."

[Get to know Deshi and Hisho]
  • During the days when Deshi came to the house he had a habit of biting, scratching everything, and was rambunctious. I raised him strictly. Now he has become kind and friendly. It’s probably because I’ve been overprotective, but Hisho is quite selfish and wary. Deshi does things at his own pace and will approach the bed to sleep, but Hisho on the other hand is inseparably from the house and will stay within close proximity.
[An Episode of Deshi and Hisho]
  • It is said that Chirithy, who made their debut appearance in the Kingdom Hearts X[chi] series, is modeled after my cats. But at the time I didn’t have pets when I drew Chirithy, so that is untrue. In Kingdom Hearts III for the first time there is an element based off of Deshi. Also, I think I want to make an Instagram debut but I have to refrain from being exposed for now (that’s a lie).

In Kingdom Hearts III, Sora’s Monster version in Monsters, Inc., looks very much like a cat.

well thats peculiar 

Speaking of family I am curious to know does nomura have children?

Thanks for showing this to us, Overshot!


Hehe, it's pretty awesome to see Nomura talking about his cats! I remember back in the day when he had gotten a Scottish Fold, and now he has two! That's awesome!  Huzzah for cats! They are nature's most beautiful creatures! :D


Hmm, I wonder what this element is that Nomura speaks of that'll feature Deshi the cat in Kingdom Hearts III? I wonder...