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  1. Article: HT Nerdette hints at a possible new Kingdom Hearts exclusive Funko figure

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    Videos are gonna be on delay for a while. Youtube decided to glitch out my channel. The only thing i can do at this point is wait to see if it gets fixed. If not i'll have to message youtube about what's going on. Sorry Guys.

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      22 Jul

    Just saw Black Panther, it was alright XD I liked the music for how different it was but everything else was pretty okay. I didn't find the CG too bad... Claw's prosthetic arm was pretty cool XD

HT Nerdette hints at a possible new Kingdom Hearts exclusive Funko figure

Hot Topic recently streamed on their Twitter a Periscope, featuring the unboxing by HT Nerdette of never before seen Funko Pop! and other exclusive figures. The unboxing video also reveals the possibility of a new exclusive Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop:

Speaker: Any Kingdom Hearts exclusive soon?

HT Nerdette: It depends on your definition of soon... *laughs*. Like soon is in this year, or... *interrupts*

Funko Pop is also known for releasing a great number of Kingdom Hearts figures, with the most recent one being Hooded King Mickey, released to public the November 27th 2017.

Do you think a new collection of Kingdom Hearts Funko is being planned, and if so, which characters will they feature this time? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for informing us about this, Yoshirai!


So, a new KH Funko, eh? Maybe it's a Kingdom Hearts III version of a character we all know and love? Either way, I'm excited! :D