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  1. Article: Funko POP! Vanitas reported to release November 30th in Italy

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  • Photo
      23 Sep
    Sakuraba Neku

    Looks like we got everything from TGS, except a new World reveal. I'm not mad though. Next stop, Paris Games Week?! Hopefully it is, because Jump Festa is so far away.

  • Photo
      23 Sep
    Green Sparrow

    Nomura says to not expect much, we get Toy Story announced & release year revealed. Nomura says expect BIG info drops, and we get slight extensions of old demos and the ages of characters. QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART!!! XD

  • Photo
      23 Sep
    ocean's rage

    i hope san fransokyo and kingdom corona return in future games with elements from their respective tv series, id love to see minimax and obake in kingdom hearts and for sora and co encountering the black rocks

Funko POP! Vanitas reported to release November 30th in Italy

Instagram users @funkopopitalianaddictand @catsara81 have revealed a list of Funko Pop! figures from Gamestop Italy. @DisFunko has posted the list on his Instagram. You can check it out here.

The list reveals a Vanitas Pop!, previously rumored back in May, is reported to be released on November 30th, 2018 in Italy. The list also includes Kingdom Hearts III Sora, Sora Monster Form, Donald Monster Form, Goofy Monster Form, Kingdom Hearts III Sora with Blasters, Sora on Meow Wow Pop! Ride, Shadow Heartless, Mickey, and Riku. The Monster Form Pops, Kingdom Hearts III Sora, and Sora on Meow Wow Ride are reported to release on October 31st, 2018 while the rest of the figures will release on November 30th.

Posted Image

Currently, there aren't release dates for the figures in North America or Europe. Stay tuned for more information!

Will you be adding Vanitas to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for informing us of this, Leamax!

Omg, I want a Vanitas Funko soooo bad! I'm gonna be starting my collection of KH funkos soon, and Vanitas needs to be in my collection, badly!

Finally, mai boi is finally getting a funko pop in his image. Just witsh I wasn't so dang broke. I'd buy all the KH funko pops.